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Anderson and Bryan are incredible hosts. This podcast is a must for film lovers everywhere.
Turns out the reason Anderson couldn’t get along with Adam all those years on loveline because they’re the same type of intolerable moron. Bryan, you must be a glutton for punishment.
Wonderful movie show. You need both th hosts to make it work. Ying/Yang
Was going to leave a nasty message but, will just stop listening instead. Put up with Anderson’s disgusted, put out attitude toward Bryan for so long that it’s now what the show’s become. -Done
I really like these two guys. They have given me numerous movie suggestions, and I would never have heard of a lot of them without this podcast. Love listening to this podcast every Friday!
Interesting takes on films, and both Bryan and Anderson have good perspectives, but the valuable content is diluted by all the other banter. This would be fine if the banter was entertaining, but it’s not. Bryan is funny and quick, even under the influence of debilitating medication, but Anderson sprays Roundup on any seed of entertaining discussion before it can take root. Cut the time in half and teach Anderson “yes and”.
I’m not even a huge movie buff, but I keep listening to this kind of like some people keep watching soap operas. I feel like I know Brian and Anderson now, and I just want to listen to them banter for an hour or two every week.
This is by far my favorite podcast... not just film podcast but podcast in general. I LOVE to disagree with Bryan and mostly agree with Anderson... though vice versa has been knowin to happen on occasion. At this point it feels less like listening to two critics/podcasters discuss films, and more like an active participation of talking about film with buddies. Especially with how active and responsive Anderson is with listener engagement. LOVE TFV
Anderson is so concerned with one-upping Bryan it ruins the program. We get it Anderson, you’re a cool guy....I can handle AD but something happens to Anderson when he’s around Bryan. It’s like he had to prove himself on being better than everyone else. Holy crap bro. Stop.


By TFV Fan
Bryan. You are correct. Anderson is a duche bag. Come on buddy !
Loved this show for years. It’s been a great source for movie recommendations


This is a fantastic pod cast
Very entertaining. Anderson and Bald work perfectly together.
I'm a longtime fan. This podcast is funny, it has movement and flow, and covers movies fully.
I enjoy these guys and I enjoy them very much. I love the anger they both have and their overwhelming negativity towards somethings. They deserve your love and your focus. In my job I am alone. I mean truly alone. For weeks at a time with no connection to the internet. I have a quickly growing family of podcasts that I consider each and everyone of the creators to be my friend. Truly great to spend time with these fellas
If Bryan and Anderson can get themselves to family counseling, this podcast will go down in history as awesome.


By foxends
Decent show with some good discussion but I can’t help but be turned off by Anderson’s insults and remarks.
I have been listening to this podcast for many years and I love it. They review not only the mainstream movies but also the smaller, hidden gemshe, and they are hysterical. Anderson has so much knowledge and insight into how movies are made and Byran is a funny sidekick. Thanks guys for still showing up. And special thanks to Logan for holding it all together.
Been listening since the orange couch. Great chemistry between these two, but not in the traditional sense. Also get some pretty great suggestions on movies to check out that I might have missed.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for nearly a decade and although I enjoy it, it’s not for everyone. Anderson is more passionate about films then practically anyone I’ve ever heard. He can sometimes be a little exhausting but he’s enjoyable and funny and you can tell he has a huge heart. He tends to oversell movies that he likes but after hearing it so often I tend to downplay his recommendations a little. Bryan on the other hand, is the most smug douche bag I’ve come across. He doesn’t seem to enjoy movies that aren’t blockbusters or music documentaries. He often flick-fesses the same movie that Anderson has told us about the previous week so it’s like double torture. He’s quick to say racist and offensive things to get a quick laugh. But the joke is on him as he’s not funny. Logan the producer is very likeable and would make a better co-host then the bald one. They started a Patreon recently and if there was a way to donate to Andy and Logan without including the frat boy Bryan I would do that.
The Film Vault is my go to source for everything movie related. It took me awhile to warm-up to Anderson, but now I real enjoy his banter with the Bald One. Good luck with Groupers man! Can't wait to watch it. However, I would like Anderson to chill though and let the show breathe. I enjoy hearing both positive and negative reviews of movies. I'm in no hurry to turn the show off, why does it seem like you are at times?
See above
Love seeing my podcast feed updated with the Film Vault on Friday morning. With 2 kids under 3 and not much time to watch movies, this podcast helps me keep up with what’s good out there. I don’t have to worry about wasting my time with movies I thought looked good, but disappointed me in the end. Thanks guys for a helping me invest my time on movies that are worth seeing and appreciating!


By cmdm
the most most boring podcast about movies ever...stop...
Always entertaining and informative. Thanks Brian and Anderson. Update: can’t take Bryan anymore. Switching to Cinemaddicts.
Love listening to you guys, just found you on the podcast. I am a huge film lover and love the way you analyze these films!
Great to listen to two men with vanity issues disagree on every issue just to reinforce the validity of them having an opinion. The movie discussions are interesting too. Best film podcast by a mile!
love the chemistry between the hosts but they lean a little too heavy on the music docs!
Been listening for 7 years now! Big fan of Anderson and Bryan, both of whom have changed a lot through the years and have consistently been able to fill my ears with funny and sometimes insightful takes on film lol. Wouldn’t who I am now honestly if it weren’t for this podcast. So 5 stars!
I keep waiting for the smug one to tell the dumb one, “There are no big words, just small minds.”
been a fan for years and its gotten me through so many tough times these guys are the absolute best
One of the hosts rails on about a kid in an x-wing when it was very clearly an adult woman playing the part. The same host then says he wishes there were more creatures in the movie when the island Luke Skywalker was on is totally covered in them, the porgs, monastic nuns and milk beasts on the water hit to name the obvious. What’s worse is the other hosts let this guy wail on without correcting him or realizing he’s mistaken, makes me question the observational skills of these reviewers. They do have an entertaining rapport though so I’ll give this podcast two stars.
After 15 minutes and still not getting to the topic, I got tired of them trying to over talk each other and gave up.
Love the top fives, Bryan doesn't mail it in as much any more but his taste in movies is still the absolute worst. Love the dynamic the hosts and producer have together. Great to hear about movies to check out. Thanks
Love this podcast great insight on films and of course the bricking between Bald and Anderson keep it guys !!
Bald and movies? What's not love? Hooray for baldywood!
I've been listening to these guys longer than I can keep track of. The Two guys do a great job at providing a clever balance of perspective, and their oil/vinegar personalities make for great entertainment. Even the less interesting lists are great for the surrounding segments, and the discussion. Drink every time Brian interrupts Anderson for a good time.
Break down movies and have some fun while doing! Thanks for great content and laughs every Friday!
Thoroughly enjoy Anderson and Bryan (and Logan) on the Film Vault. The top 5 is still fresh for me and Anderson's love of movies shines through! If you love movies, this show is for you!
Hack joke for the title. I love these guys. They talk about movies and graciously dance around spoilers without losing the ability to explain the movies core premise. The honesty, banter and countdowns have kept me a listener since that uncomfortable argument with Donny and Carolla on the orange couch.
Bryan has a massive ego. Only second to the cohost.
Bryan only enjoys docs. Anderson doesn't like anything with a budget over 5 mill. There you go, you've heard every show of the last 2 years. Logan seems to enjoy movies without bias. Logan gets fired frequently.
Screw you Palmela Handerson, narcissistic meanhole.
One host is a cynical hipster with a deep knowledge of film and an explosive temper. The other host is very polished, a mainstream flim lover, and knows just how to light his partner's fuse. Together, they're the Film Vault - two likeable dopes who know how to entertain while providing their listeners with real insight. But I have to deduct one star because "the bald one" is constantly spoiling major plot points and that is UNACCEPTABLE. If he ruins one more movie for me, I may have to unsubscribe and I would hate to do that because The Film Vault is one of the few film podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.
Started hearing the film vault about three years ago & ever since I've been hooked. Anderson has the best recommendations and knows more movies better than most people. Brian likes Transormers. Looking forward to Groupers. Keep up the good work.
Hey guys, this is probably my favorite movie podcast and have been listening for years. However I am finding it increasingly less enjoyable with the amount of verbal B.S. going on between the hosts. The main issue is that Bryan almost constantly interrupts or quips something while Anderson is reviewing a film. 2nd issue - Way way too many reviews on documentaries. Ok, I like some documentaries, but seriously the ratio of reviewing usually boring/uninteresting topic docs is probably 4 to 1. So please review more narrative films that people have actually heard of. It's fine if it's only found on Netflix or an older film or something, but enough with the documentaries please. 3rd issue - I always skip the Amazon clickthroughs. No one cares what people buy on there. If people want to find out, then just put a list on the website or something. Yes, there are probably far too many ads, but I understand that you need to make some money from this, but hearing the same ones is pretty annoying. I'd also like to know what bands are playing and can't do that by just hearing a stream of a dozen of them that have played at the end. This is not beneficial for anyone. 4th issue - Anderson & Bryan are almost always down on comic book or superhero movies. Geez, take a different viewpoint and watch the smarter ones like Doctor Strange, Super, Guardians of the Galaxy, CA: Civil War, and so on. You guys are so biased at these, as well as other action movies. 5th issue - Please don't review the same movie 2 weeks in a row. Anderson is right, Bryan. We don't want to hear his new review of the movie you flickfessed this week after you assign him to see it. 6th issue - More of a recommendation, I'd like you guys to come up with some new games or segments (like Red Light, Green Light) besides the usual flickfessions (of 5 documentaries) and Top 5s. I'd also like to hear more guests coming on and different personalities like Logan speaking more. Thank you for listening/reading and I hope for more greatness in the future.