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I have been listening to her for many years. And know friends and family that listen alway talking points of what is happening that the news might not be showing .🙏👍❤️
This show might as well be called “How to be a great American despite being a Christian”. She skates through all of the major issues of the day passively and authoritatively as her real intentions shine through- raising money and selling books. Absolutely gross.
No other spiritual podcast makes me weep tears of joy like this one. The truth is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for everything you do Janet, you are a brilliant gift from God.
What a great time for his book to be exposed to ghd public.
Interesting conversations, but she only has on people who agree with her, and never challenges their points in a meaningful way. As I listen, I’m always thinking of questions, challenges, and counter examples. Also, sometimes too simplistic a view is promoted without getting into the Nuance. Lastly, the guests and host don’t seem to understand we now live in a pluralistic society.
I always enjoy Janet Parshall’s program and guests. Her book recommendations keep my book wish list growing. The next generation should listen and much wisdom here to be gleaned!
So enjoy listening to Janet Parshall and her husband. She keeps us updated on current events from a biblical perspective.
My cousin introduced me to your podcast and I love it. Thank you so much!!!
Thank you Janet for keeping us up to date with important news, while filtering everything through Gods Word. At In the Market l can listen to news without walking away depressed! Thank you!
I love to listen to this show as often as possible and Janet is not afraid to tackle the hard issues in the culture and in Christian families. God bless you Janet!!
I learn so much and Janet is an amazing interviewer.
I would give more than 5 stars if I could! I listen to every broadcast by way of podcast, and Janet and her guests have taught me how to “pray with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper (or her show) in the other”! My view of how to approach my world with the precious message of the gospel has changed by listening to In the Market, and I make references to things that she or her guests have said all the time! I find myself writing quotes in my phone as I’m listening. Definitely the way to get news and not be dragged down but lifted up while your world is expanded and rounded out!
Important subject but also troubling for a relationship dealing a bipolar wife. Everything you said feeds her mania. The children comments are so out of context I had to circumvent her decisions they were so wrong for our kids I have always liked your programs but this one really can hurt a relationship mired in mental illness
Janet, I am amazed each and every day, (and thanks to your podcast I never have to miss your show) at your ability in an interview to ask just the right questions or condense a statement with the many diverse quests, while always pointing the way to Christ who is ever present in our chaotic world of today. This show is a wonderful light in what I agree is “such a time as this”. Thank you and your frequent guests and your husband Craig.
How I enjoy listening to Janet’s show, either while driving home from work or on podcasts...voices of truth and wisdom in a world gone mad. Such a service Janet and her guests offer to us...eternally grateful for this radio show!
I've been listening for years now!
What a blessing to be able to “listen to Reason” in a culture such as ours today. I am grateful for a voice of both intelligence and solid faith that helps me navigate the frantic onslaught of issues that come at us each day. I always hear truth, and the Christian perspective when I hear the voice of Janet Parshall. Thank You.
Love this program! Alway excellent content for the "thinking" believer.
Typical Right wing radio program with host who manipulates interviews to promote her own fringe ideals while repeatedly soliciting donations for her program.
Janet Parshall not only has an amazing breadth of relevant cultural knowledge and biblical wisdom, but she has an incredible gift for guiding an interview as if it's a dialogue between two lifelong friends. I look forward to this program every day!
I love to hear Janet and her guests proclaim our Lord and Savior, Jesus!
The last podcast for Janet Parshall is dated April 9. Has Moody stopped podcasting this program?
If you are not listening to Janet, you should be, you don't know what your missing. Janet is such and inspiration to Christians and Americans and ALL people! Thank you, may God continue to strengthen your voice Janet!
If you're looking for a Christian/conservative source for news and current events, this is the best I've ever encountered. Host is very astute yet gracious.
I have been listening to her show via podcast downloads since I found out about it from the True Woman 2010 conference. I can't tell you how much I have been blessed from listening to Truth being brought forth in every episode. Listening to her and her guests has enabled me to be a well equipped apologist and contend for my faith! Praise the Lord for her and the work she does! She is my hero of the faith!!
Janet has amazing guests on her program from varied walks of life. Every time I listen I am encouraged in my walk with Christ and usually challenged as well.
I catch some of these on the radio, but seldom hear a full hour. So glad to be able to download podcasts! These shows are very informative on so many important issues going on in the world today.
Well researched and articulated. Thank you for the very interesting discussions and learning opportunities.
Great program w/ a variety of hosts.
Blessed by this show and very informed . I thank God for this show
Awesome discussions on many great topics that we all face in life in many different ways...We seriously need more air shows like this one!
I love this program. It is so informative. One of the best shows on the air
So intelligent with a great Christian world-view.


By ZakHelm
One of the most intelligent and 'in the know' programs! I am so grateful for all that I learn from Janet and her guests... I feel like I get a good and right perspective about major issues and breaking news even before the mainstream media puts out their slanted version!
I am consistently fed, challenged, learning, and encouraged by this show! Thank you for the light you bring, and the way you point to the tools that are offered to us to live this life!
Janet Parshall is an amazing, intelligent Christian broadcaster. Glad I found her show!
And insightful
I am so glad to see Janet Parshall back on the radio doing what she does best, viewing the world through the lense of God's Word. Thank you Janet for shining light into the darkness!