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Always has been a bully back to his early days. Now is bullying listeners who don’t agree with the “woke” crowd views on gender “fluidity”. Sorry Dan my daughter won’t have a bunch of grown men competing against her in sports because they woke up one day and decided they were a girl.
Make sure you’re uploading each segment/hour of the broadcast. Thanks!
I love Bernstein and Mcknights chemistry, it has only gotten better with time. The midday midway is an inspired radio segment that has never been done before, nothing like high-noon or the second half. This show touts and delivers on being the smart sports talk show on the score, while somehow still not taking themselves too seriously. Love the show.


I would like to thank the show infinitely for not advertising falsely. Since its inception, my IQ has jumped 30 points. Without question, it’s intelligent sports talk. I’m appreciative of being afforded the mere opportunity to share the same air as Mr. McKnight.
Did not think, this would be as good as I thought it would be as I enjoyed Goff and appreciated his viewpoint as a needed part of dialogue needed in the current climate. Yet another set of two Caucasian’s speaking on the diverse landscape of sports and its equally culturally and economically diverse fandom seems redundant and doesn’t address the need to invite viewpoints that may edify by careening into important topics that only a host can help edify. Although entertaining and a must listen, you’ve set up another “us” chat club that makes radio consumption a choice of one viewpoint. Please update podcast sooner as 12 hours is the window where it loses relevancy. Thanks
Great informative sports radio
It’s pretty annoying how sporadic new shows are added. If I can’t get that day’s shows later in the day or early the next morning at the latest, the discussions are already old news and not worth listening to. It’s for this reason I often listen to ESPN1000 shows so much more often now, because they do such a great job with their podcast/app.
The Score’s midday show, Spiegel & Parkins is radio infotainment at its finest. There is no constant agreement as they are each their own man. The disagreement and debate is organic and not forced like certain other media outlets. They both have extensive ties from other markets that brings in great out of town analysis. Speaking of which, producers - partners Rick Camp,Jay Zawaski and Joe Ostrowski are top notch and bring an unrivaled rolodex to the table. The regular guests that appear on the show each week are incredibly entertaining and informative. Lastly, it could be argued the pop culture and life tangents that they go on are almost as much of a reason to tune in as the sports talk. No dead air here folks, you can’t go wrong tuning in 670AM 9am - 1pm or subscribing to the podcast to get informed, entertained and make the work day go by a lil easier.
SandP is 1 year old and getting better like a fine wine
This show is very well done. Danny has been a breath of fresh air since replacing the last guy. Speegs is a good baseball guy. Keep up the good work fellas and congrats on 1 year on the air.
Love the show, keep up the great work
Great show and podcast whenever I can’t get to my radio
Apparently all the music and sound files have become off limits because of licensing restrictions, so you only hear the hosts. Still have to listen to ads though. Not worth it anymore.
I live in Southern Illinois so I can't just tune the radio dial and listen to Chicago Sports talk. I've tried listening to the ESPN guys, but they talk more about what they had for lunch than sports. This show, on the other hands, goes in depth into all things Chicago sports. They have great guests such as Joe Madden every Tuesday. Great chemistry makes Spiegel and Goff the only Chicago sports podcast you need.
All other shows are up to date. The most recent available for Danny Mack is 4/5? This only happens with the Danny Mac show and happens quite often!