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I'm Gonna Miss you guys. Such a great Podcast
I love listening to Tales from the Mouse House when I am missing Disneyland. I stumbled upon this podcast while preparing for a vacation to Disneyland. I love how every episode is filled with music from the park. It makes me feel like I am there! Al & Joyce are so warm; I really feel like they are old friends. Keep up the great work, guys!
Al and Joyce are those nice neighbors who have either just come back from or are planning a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. It's obvious how much they love Disneyland with every show. They help keep the spirit going with good humor, silly voices and shared memories. I listen to many Disney podcasts but this is my favorite.


By TWLemon
This podcast is so fun to listen to.
Love listening to Al and Joyce! This podcast gives a lot of information of the parks, and honest perspectives from Al and Joyce.
Really my title said it all. These people love Disney and share their love in a wonderful way that not only shares their love of Disney but also the Disney magic. This is a mudt listen to for Disneyland podcast listeners!
Please do not place your obvious attempts at lowering our rating in favor of your ‘pet’ podcasts on our listing. If you do not like the show, please stop listening. Thank you.
I know less than a handful listen to this show A 100 shows and hardly any listener I think it's was time to hang it up
I love this podcast. The audio quality is really good and the "Disneyness" is felt here.
Al and Joyce keep the Disney land love coming! This is a must have for any Disneyland fan, or new comer looking for tips!
I love this podcast, it's one if my favorites!
Great podcast. Just started listening and love the info Al & Joyce give. I think I live somewhat close to you... near the 303 :)
You guy's ROCK!! Great podcast with great insight. A must for all Disney fans.
Al and Joyce combine information and wit in this Disneyland podcast. Their passion for DL is evident and makes listening very enjoyable. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced Disney junkie, there is something new to learn each and every episode. You, too, can be a member of the DCA Corn Dog Castle club - Thanks Al!
I've listened to "Tales" from the very beginning, and found them to be honest and open as they share their love of Disneyland with the listeners. The quality of the show is very good and has continued to improved from the early days, and I'm sure will continue to reach even higher levels of professionalism and entertainment, as they move forward. Al and Joyce are big fans of the Disneyland Resort, and bring their love to each and every show. And when I can't be in the Parks, I can always listen to Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast, and I recommend you do the same.
It's Will and baby Georgia planning to enjoy another fine podcast from Al & Joyce. For those of you who don't know, the Kessels also do a fantastic podcast weekly for The Amazing Race. My family is obsessed with Disney too and are going AGAIN this coming March 2013. Maybe we could meet up with you there, you know you could go again in March. HAHA Keep up the great work guys! :)
I'm really enjoying this podcast. It has a very different feel from several of the other Disney podcasts. Al and Joyce offer a different approach to Disneyland info, with interviews of authors, discussions of the parks and their attractions (like everyone else) but from a viewpoint of (must be very young!) grandparents instead of the usual 20somethings. I love most Disney podcasts, but am so glad I made room on my iPod for this. - Pam
Very good chemistry between the hosts! I enjoyed the listen and will look back through entire collection of casts! Informative and educational!! Keep up the good work
What a great podcast! I have learned so much about Disneyland since I started listening to Al & Joyce. They cover their subjects with great enthusiasm, so much so that I need to figure a way out to get to Disneyland! I am very fond of their video podcasts where they show one of the attactions and narrate it. It makes me feel like I am there, and that is way cool. The contests are fun and the information simply rocks. I also enjoy how fun the hosts are. They get along really well and I enjoy their interaction. Hightly reccomended for your listening pleasure!
My all time favorite. I wait for each one.
Still loving the great podcast. Keep up the great work. Listening to the two of you talk about "The Happiest Place on Earth" is wonderful. It's nice to hear from people that love Disneyland as much as I do. Best Wishes.
I enjoy this Disney couple's fun, sweet and likable commentary on my favorite place, The Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. They're so fun and positive. Being out-of-state like myself, it's fun to reminisce with them & find we share a lot of favorites. Keep up the fun show. Thank you! @NinjOmnia
I make it out to Disneyland once a year and even though there is 360 days between visits I still feel like I vist Disneyland each month. They provide great insight into tricks and sights of the resort. I would not even think about visiting the park without listening to thier current podcasst.


By dirt36
Al and Joyce, Thanks for taking me to Disneyland every episode!!!!! I love the podcast and the information and humor that you provide!! Keep up the great work!!! God Bless and take care!!
I love hearing Al and Joyce's insights into all things Disneyland! You can definitely tell they are passionate about the resort and are excited to share their experiences and knowledge on this podcast. Definitely worth checking it out!
This podcast is well rounded fun, A must for all Disneyland fans!! I never miss a episode. Thanks for all the great work that is put into this.
Great podcast !!!!! I enjoy listening to several different podcasts that are about disneyland. This podcast is special, Al and Joyce add that little extra because of the fact that are truly in love with the park and main purpose that Walt Disney had when he created Disneyland. Giving families a place to enjoy together.
Im downloading this now onto my ipod because of the vidcast world of color. I hope its good. I mean it got good ratings so i must be pretty good. I might write another review later to tell you guys if this podcast was great.
This podcast is great for lifelong fans of Disneyland just looking to reconnect with such a wonderful place. It's also a great resource for people who have just recently discovered Disneyland, or for those who are looking to gather more information before a trip. The podcasters, Al and Joyce, have great chemistry with each other on the show. This is worth noting because other podcasts can be filled with awkward silences or hosts that continually talk over each other. Their passion for the topic is also quite evident and can be seen in the fact that they now release four different variations of the podcast. First, there is the standard audio podcast, along with the shorter audio "Minnie Mousecast". Then, there are the video podcasts, one in which they take you on various attractions or tours, and the newer video "Mickey Mousecast". There are great segments on the podcast, like ride and dining reviews. There is also a segment in which they discuss hidden treasures of the park, which is a topic that any Disneyland fan can enjoy, even if you already knew that treasure. Another fun thing that they sometimes do is hold trivia contests. It's great to test your own knowledge or to learn something new. Of course, there are other Disneyland podcasts that have been around longer or are more well known in the fan community. But these guys are off to a great start and certainly worth a listen. In that sense, "Tales from the Mouse House" is a bit of it's own hidden treasure.
So Al and Joyce(the podcasters) are great! They have cool topics, fun segments, and sweet stories to share in every episode! They keep me updated with everything Disney and I always look forward to their new episodes. Al and Joyce also treat their fans fantastically! They reply to your emails quickly with warm words. Subscribe! I promise that you wont regret it!
Another GREAT podcast! Keep up the good work! :-)
This is an exceptionally well put together show hosted by a charming couple with a wealth of Disneyland knowledge. Awesome job guys !!
I love Disney and everything about it! I did not know some of the information shared in the Hidden Tips. Can't wait for my next trip to Disney so I can experience some of them.