The 24 Frames Cast

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Tom is a lot of fun to listen to and his opinions are always interesting.
A very interesting show that is well researched and with intelligent analysis. I especially recommend the Ridley Scott ep, hopefully you will continue your analysis of his oeuvre. A shorter one that is also a great listen is the close up on Colossus: The Forbin Project. Give it a try. You will not regret it.
The 24 Frames Cast is a welcome addition to my regular rotation of movie podcasts. Tom is an engaging and enthusiatic host. This is not your typical review show. The shows thus far are interesting examinations of classic and overlooked films. His shows are well researched and entertaining. He provides thoughtful takes on the films he discusses and sprinkles in generous portions of clips. Here's hoping for a long run.
I NEVER review anything but I do feel compelled to congratulate Tom Jennings on this podcast. I remember seeing this film on TV in Sydney, Australia many years ago. I was completely impressed at the time and always hoped there would be a repeat at some point. Alas, if there ever was I never caught it. There is not much I can tell you about this film that is not covered and excellently so by this podcast. It is a thoughtful, entertaining and insightful look at a rare gem of a film that does indeed deserve an introduction to a new audience. Congratulations once again on a brilliant and entertaining podcast, Tom. I shall be subscribing to future ones too.