Reviews For JAHMAN HI-FI ROOTS SOUNDSYSTEM (rastafarian soundsystem )

ESSENTIAL- Raspect to the I bringin the culture forward in Jah Lights. Listen Learn and Know Move Rightuos on our Way to the Gate
jah bless brother's an sister's . give thank's for the positive review's and the vibration's .when we first started the podcast show we did not realy think that it would take on a life of it's own but now it's like seeing a child grow .give thank's universaly for the support .as for the tecnical problem's it all in the past .now it's about putting out quality show we've giveneverything an upgrade ,for online broadcasting because of the sound system taking up most of our time we were not able to concentrate on podomatic now were here to stay zeen. so let us no how is the standard now , give thanks jah bless jahman rastafari liveth for evermore,
Great music, but where does the DJ go? I can't hear Jahman speaking most of the time, and when I turn up the volume, I get blasted by the music coming back in. Check your recording levels. I&I would love to hear Jahman's wise reasoning as a crucial part of this podcast!
This is the best reggae show available. The host has a very friendly slow drawl, it's a great blend of excellent tunes and a host u cant wait to hear speak. Bless always to jahman. Great show.