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Reviews For Social Geek Radio

I really enjoy this podcast for any and all insights on the latest trends in marketing/advertising and beyond. The diversity of the guests and the wealth of knowledge both Jack and his guests show is really great to listen to and educational!!
Week after week, Social Geek Radio delivers great conversation and insight. Jack has a unique gift for bringing on guests with marketing ideas that make you think - and put to work for brand growth.
This is my go to podcast for franchise marketing.
If you are looking for a podcast that keeps you updated on digital trends in franchising, look no further. Jack is a dynamic host with a variety of guests in leadership positions across franchising. These discussions will keep you engaged and you will walk away with actionable insight you can apply to your business. 10/10 on this podcast!
Jack makes everyone comfortable and has real conversations with his guests. Great way to keep up with all things franchising/business/marketing... the list goes on and on!
Social Geek Radio provides me the most up to date information for the franchise related information I need. Jack consistently brings in key experts who impart knowledge that makes it easy to listen. The weekly interviews and end of week highlights are packed full of what’s up and what’s next. I’m grateful for my #1 go-to resource. Thanks Jack! Kater
Social Geek Radio is a must listen for anyone interesting in social media and digital marketing. Jack’s guests cut through the clutter and offer smart insights around the world of social media. In an industry full of fluff, Social Geek Radio delivers substance.
Great guests and amazing conversational skills. Truly a fun podcast!
Jack is an amazing host who always has guests that I learn from and who often bring a fresh perspective. Jack is a tireless advocate for franchising. I consider this podcast a must listen and you should too!
Jack and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best marketing tactics and coming trends to help you effectively grow your business (without breaking the bank). Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Social Geek Radio if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Jack is a true pro. He does an amazing job keeping the conversation going and highlighting takeaways. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to be a guest on the show.
Really enjoy the topics and the guest. The host is a serious pro. Very happy to subscribe!
Jack and his team have put a lot of thought into building a pipeline of quality content out there for franchise systems. I work with franchise owners every day and highly recomend they subscribe to these podcasts. The guests always have great insight into helping generate more clients, better leads, and most importantly, improving customer service. Keep up the great work SGR!
Jack does a great job of sharing the information and ideas from his perspective - and thats broad and deep, he's all over! Great to share my story and ideas here too - thanks Jack!
Jack does a great job making guests feel comfortable. He’s able to draw in his guests and engage in an entertaining discussion about business topics covering a range of industries. His knowledge base on the business topics of franchising and marketing is exceptional. I’ve truly enjoyed listening and being interviewed.
Jack has the ultimate one-two punch for his show. His unparalleled network makes for a wide variety of marketing viewpoints and his relaxed style creates a great listening experience for his audience. I’m honored to be a subscriber and a guest.
Really learn more with each episode about franchising from the inside. A definite must for people who are considering buying a franchise and want to really understand what moves this industry.
Timely and pertinent information regarding digital and social media marketing for Franchise and multi-location businesses. On my “must listen” list for every week.
Deb and AJ really know their stuff - and it shows. I am honored to have been a guest on this informative, fun, interview show all about social media. Check it out.