Reviews For Embassies Of Christ - Gary, Indiana

I'm soo thankful for my pastors! They are truly great teachers of the word and I am blessed to be apart of their lives! When I saw they were on podcast I hurried to download and share! Love having my pastors at the palm of my hands! Their teachings are always a blessing and I thank God for putting them in my life! MUCH LOVE FROM A FAITHFUL MEMBER DENICE MIRANDA! LOVE U UNCONDITIONALLY!
I was so OVERLY excited when I saw the pod cast icon on EOC's website, just what the doctor ordered. Kingdom Benefits was the first one that I listened to, and it's an awesome message!! We are witnesses to God's word, and the word being taught at EOC. When it's described as life-changing, that's definitely what it is. Like Pastor Cedric said, in the midst of what the world calls "RECESSION", God's people are Prospering. I thank God, that we are under Pastor's Cedric's leadership, and we're God's "preferred", not just liked. You have to continue hearing God's word from Pastor Cedric, to know what I mean. Hopefully, that will make u hunger for it, LOL!! I hope to see more Pod Cast, from EOC!! I would definitely subscribe, and even pay for downloads, it's all about keeping up with today's technology, and EOC does at grrrrreat job at! Luv yall, Darquia & Gordon Biffle, Big Daddy's BBQ