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Reviews For The Skiffy and Fanty Show

S&F is a really fun show all about the world of science fiction. I really appreciate that they take the time to actually talk to the creators of the works they're discussing. This gives it a unique touch that's hard to emulate on other scifi podcasts.
If you are a sci-fi fan, do yourself a favor, listen and subscribe. I really like their discussions on all of my favorite sci-fi topics. This is by far my best sci-fi podcast ever. Love it!!!!!
Solid show with a lot of variety. No matter what kind of SF/F nerd you are, there’s something in here you’ll enjoy.
This show has a little something for everyone! As a long time horror/sci-fi fan, I was entertained from start to finish. Do yourself a favor and hit subscribe!
I enjoy listening to the interview episodes of SKiffy and Fanty, but if that's not enough fo you, you also have funny genre movie reviews, and a book club. They are a one-stop-shop for your genre listening needs. I personally like the variety of authors they interview. They always have intersting people on and interesting questions to ask. Take the time to check them out.
This podcast always has something interesting to review or to talk about regarding all things sci-fi/fantasy/horror and current real-world issues. The hosts are delightful and amusing. They'll have you laughing and nodding in agreement, especially when they rant. Their chemistry is great and so then is their banter too. Sound is perfect. Nothing ever sounds muffled or tinny. Great way to pass the time with laughing, geeking, and learning!
An enjoyable podcast that gets at the heart of deep deep movie love—with a special eye to “genre” films like fantasy, sci-fi, speculative fiction, and children’s movies. It’s especially nice to see the last one taken seriously. The hosts have great banter, interesting insight, and always personally connect to the material. Great stuff!! -Laurel (Midnight Myth)
I listened to an episode of Totally Pretentious and an ep of At The Movies. I disagreed with a couple points that were brought up in the Avengers ep of ATM, but luckily there were 4 hosts so I felt that they covered a bunch of different views and there was a good variety of opinions. It's boring (and sometimes annoying) to listen to a show where you get just one view and the hosts are just talking about how they loved or hated something. I really really enjoying listening to Totally Pretentious! The two hosts obviously know what they're talking about and I couldn't wait to get home to watch the movies they discussed. Awesome show!
Just started listening and I’m totally hooked on the Into the Wardrobe specials! Last Unicorn and the Secret of NIMH define my childhood. There’s an impressive and immersive list of movies here and I can’t wait to catch up.
Enjoyed listening to the Godzilla episode. The hosts sound great together and do a great job expressing each person’s thoughts and analyzing the film.
If you’re looking for a podcast that is as expansive as it is entertaining, you are in the right place. Starting off with their Captain Marvel episode and can’t wait to check out more. Subscribe and listen now!
Even though I'm dumb and it took me two years to get the title, I love this podcast. It takes an honest look at a wide swathe of the genres and really gives you a lot to think about from a cultural and personal perspective.
A veritable cornucopia of SFnal goodness.
Skiffy & Fanty is one of the best podcasts talking about fantasy & science fiction stories. Whether they're discussing books or movies, interviewing authors, or commenting on the community, Skiffy & Fanty episodes are at once silly, self-deprecating, generous, & deeply thoughtful. I always laugh, and I always learn something.
First off, this podcast is great. Before I started listening to this show, I found myself wandering through the same places I frequented in bookstores and libraries and was becoming genuinely bored with reading. That changed after I subscribed. The authors and books that are discussed on this podcast are interesting, unique and will make you want to run out to the bookstore to purchase multiple copies. They have rarely steered me wrong and I’m always excited when a new episode drops. Reading has always felt like an adventure for me and The Skiffy and Fanty Show helped bring that feeling back. So if you like hearing from authors with great and unique stories, what are you waiting for?! Oh, and their Torture Cinema episodes ain’t too shabby either.
Occasionally some useful or interesting information comes out of this show, (I'd put it at about once every three episodes) but you have to tolerate a lot of opinionated fluff to find those useful bits. The hosts throw around a lot of criticism at various franchises and titles. This would be fine if they knew what they were talking about, but too often the opinions are uninformed and uneducated.
The Skiffy and Fanty show is an opinionated look at genre from two fans, Jen Zink and Shaun Duke. Their bread and butter are interviews with genre figures as well as their well-developed banter between them. The hosts are long time friends and have a distinct ease and comfort as they go back and forth on everything from Pixar films to women. There is a distinct political edge and viewpoint to their work which they normally leave for their political podcast, but sometimes leaks into this one as well. Still, even given that bias, the hosts are unafraid to give their unvarnished but backed-up opinions, something that I admire in fans and reviewers.
Great show. The interviews are especially nice; always makes me put books on my wishlist that I might not have known about otherwise. Keep it up!
Listened to what I could of the first episode. When the hosts began debating the merits of certain Pixar films over others, I tuned right out. This was just not serious enough for me, I guess.
The first episode of The Skiffy and Fanty Show just dropped. It covered the nebula awards and both hosts had a lot to say. They seem to know their science fiction and from what I can tell, both are budding writers in their own right. I look forward to years of fantastic (and skiffy) content from this pair. Keep up the great work!