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I love good movies and I love movies so bad they're good. I also love roasting bad movies. This podcast combines all those loves and more!
I've been giggling at your podcast for a while now but the Saving Christmas episode had me on the floor. Thanks an keep up the good work!
This show is funny & has great guests. I like to laugh and I like movies. This has it all!
Good stuff for people in the film/entertainment industry. A good perspective you don’t often hear. Great guests. Also entertaining...
Really good stuff…that’s all there is to say.
Always love movie talk, and this podcast goes the extra mile to find great guests that really dig deep into the movies that we love. I am subscribed and going through your diverse catalogue of shows. ~JediTink, Skywalking Through Neverland
Wow...this is a great podcast for people who likes cult movies. The host is really entertaining. A MUST listen.
Adam is so funny and picks the BEST movies to chat about! Love love LOVE this show!
This show is really representing greatness. Very inspiring with and excellent host.


I appreciate a good movie like I do a good book. Keep up the great work :)
Fans and film and cinema alike will enjoy this podcast! True cinema knowledge and also a flat out funny entertaining show! -Alex n Justin, Hangin' Outcast.
This podcast is like an old friend sitting in a warm bath in a fuzzy blanket surrounded by sharks. What's not to love? KYTI!


Honestly, I don't think there is a more perfect podcast - I freakin' LOVE Adam Spiegelman, he is so deadpan but also has the greatest laugh ever. I LOVE his interviewing, he does not ask lame boring questions AND he has the manners to allow his guests to finish what they're saying. Adam is operating on a whole different level… jus' sayin. "It's wicked hahd, bein' a New York cop." omg LOL!!!!!!! xoxo

By tjk66
having a great time going through the back catalog
I absolutely love this podcast!
What other podcast gives you an episode featuring Tommy Wiseau and an episode feating Bob Goldthwaite? Don't bother looking because there are none. This show has funny people lovingly enjoying and destroying terrible art. That's a win.
As a fan of bad films, this podcast really hits the sweet spot. Love hearing about the nuances of Shark Attack 3 and Wicker Man from people with a great sense of humor. Well produced and easy to listen to.
Who doesn't like talking about bad movies...This show is so fun! Also cool interviews and all around good chat.
Really enjoy this show, opens me back to a guilty pleasure for me!
..two things that taste great together! These guys discuss movies, tv & entertainment which would have obviously been better had the producers just brought in this host, his Guests or myself to punch up the material. Funny show, good guests & free... You haven't subscribed yet? You must be a Studio Executive...


It's funny. It's in depth. It goes wonderful places. I have listened to every single episode and it is wonderful
I try to listen to as many podcasts as I can, and this stands out nicely in the pack. Nice job!
Adam is freaking awesome in this podcast!
I look forward to every episode. Usually I have no knowledge of the film of TV show Adam is skewering, but that doesn't matter. The show is hilarious.
Adams podcast is always enjoyable.
Love the Logan's Run episode! Cuz I love Logan's Run. Chris Gore is nuts BTW. Logan's Run rules, for all of the reasons he knocks it :-D
A great podcast where goofsters get together and talk about movies good and bad, big and small. Always a fun time!
People = Funny Movies = Terrible Me = HAPPY!
This show is exactly why podcasting is so amazing.
Love this podcast. Adam is hilarious.
Amazingly well put together and executed podcast! Entertainment and professional. Keep it up!
This is easily one of my favorite podcasts. Fun talk about awesomely bad movies with great guests.
This show has a unique premise which is a real accomplishment considering how many podcasts there are out there these days. You can tell it's important to Adam to do a good show and he is a great host with some interesting guests and movie choices. Highly recommended!
Love the podcast - Adam is hilarious and the commentary is always spot on. Nice! Subscribe if you dare!
As much as this may be a show that pokes a bit of fun at movies, it also pays tribute to them at the same time. Always a nice journey down guilty pleasure lane.
I love hearing new perspectives on awful movies, and these people are super clever!
Apologies to Bill Simmons BS Report and the Adam Carolla podcast. Proudly Resents is my new podcast addiction I love it and I hope it never ends.
Who doesn't love them? This podcast encompasses that very thing especially the reviews of bad films which everyone can relate to.
The conversation is always amazing and Adam Spiegelman's voice is a real man's radio voice. The show offers a totally new way to see your favorite (or least favorite) movies. A must-listen! appreciating bad movies! Who doesn't love a stinker sometimes?
I discovered this podcast last year shortly after discovering the films, "Troll 2" and "The Room". I've always been a fan of off-beat cult films like these and this podcast helped me enjoy those films more. It also introduced me to other cult films that I would have missed. After listening to a few episodes, I went back to the beginning and listened to every available episode. It helped me 2011 a banner year for my family and cult films. I look forward to every episode.
While not purely a comedy podcast, Proudly Resents generate enough laughs to easily qualify. What's more, for the cult film aficionado, there's plenty of meat on the bone with stories from actors, directors and others with an inside peek behind the scenes of Hollywood guilty pleasure reels. Trust in Adam Spiegelman to bring home the goods...and the laughs. – Marc Hershon, host of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast
If you love movies you will love this show! Don't forget to rate it, review it, and tell everyone about it. Also follow this show everywhere. They are worth it
Cult movies are the best - we talk about them from time to time on Big Sauce but this is great to have a dedicated show! Keep up the good work


By Rudd_
I love cheesey and bad movies. Since MST3000 left there's been a hole. Now it's like that hole is partially filled with this hilarious podcast! Definitely worth subscribing weather you love or HATE bad films! HILARIOUS
Great concept! Glad I found this podcast! Do yourself a favor and listen!
The Meat Locker Podcast approves this 5 star rating. :)


By RiceT
This show is addictive ...can't get enough!
I'm glad someone's keeping track of these things. Both sides deserve a contrary view and get it. It's sort of like 'Dirty Jobs' only they're handling rotten celluloid instead. Having film-makers as part of the show makes it zesty. Keep listening and get further involved.