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Favorite podcast!! I love this show and the Christ-Centered parenting that they teach. I have gained many wonderful insights from listening. Working with Sheridan house children I feel they can offer a unique perspective for those of us parenting a more challenging child. I also love the easy flow of the show. And I love Ruthie Jay as host. Thank you for providing this wonderful resource for parents who are trying their best, but looking for help and support ❤️
I am not one for parenting books or podcasts for whatever reason but I have been gleaning great tips in the short amount of time Dr Bob Barnes shares his advice and experience. I have a three year old girl and four year old girl. I feel more equipped as a mom as they keep growing. He keeps it simple and brings a big picture perspective to the everyday family life. Now I am listening to several episodes every day. Thanks so much for this podcast!
I really appreciate the commonsense approach to parenting along side the biblical values. I adore Bob Barnes, His wife Rosemary, his daughter Tori and Ruthie the host. They don’t just talk about important topics they give you tools that can really make a difference in your home. Some of us that didn’t grow up seeing and hearing some of these things in our own homes don’t know how to do it now that we are parents and this podcast is much needed!
A great daily reminder to be an intentional parent!
This parenting podcast is spoken by a father who has a very balanced approach & has had a ministry to raising trouble kids. Which is hard to find someone with this much experience & has seen kids go through hardship & has wisdom to share about it! Christ focused, tough love & practical insight. He speaks with his daughter so you know his advice has credibility! Quick to listen to apply.
Your podcast is truly a gift. I have listened to your episodes repeatedly and pickup new insights each time. I am looking forward to the last half of the 30 Imperatives of Parenting. When will these be released?
Highly recommend! Each podcast is 15 minutes and contains a wealth of wisdom. Truly the best parenting podcast out there.
Short and fun to listen to, great advice for parenting- plus I am living in Kansas but from South Florida so I love hearing him mention places I’m familiar with!
I love the God influence on how to parent in modern life. This podcast is a perfect compliment to my morning commute.
I appreciate the honesty and authenticity of this podcast. It helps me anticipate issues I may face with my now-infant.
Thank you, Dr. Bob and Ruthy! This is my absolute favorite podcast. It is full of awesome insight on parenting and marriage, and tons of Godly wisdom! My husband and I have two biological children and one little foster love. We have implemented the "staff meetings" into our regular routine, and it has made all the difference. We are striving to live life on purpose, and let me tell you, our household is so much sweeter and running so much smoother since we began listening. This podcast is such a great tool for parents and married couples. Don't stop!! ❤️
Love this podcast!! Practical tips and encouragement to help my husband and I parent our kids intentionally!
I was hesitant to try this parenting podcast since so many parenting books, podcasts, etc. end up making me feel worse as a parent but not so with this one! The hosts are very honest and seem really caring. The suggestions are practical. I always feel better and inspired after having listening to one of them.
So much wisdom poured into my life thru this podcast!
Love the advice. Thanks you
Look forward to every episode. Helps drive home the goal we have as parents.


By 55mom66
My favorite podcast. Dr. Bob does a great job loving helping me become a better parent. I really hope to hear him live someday.
This is one of te best ministries in Sheridan. Content is always deep, episodes are well structured, guests provide a fresh perspective and a practical fashion to deliver. Fantastic!
I love this. I look forward to every episode... Much needed help..
My husband and I have been listening to this podcast since last summer, and not only have we learned some valuable tools, but my philosophy on parenting has changed in many ways. Thank you so much for your efforts!
Dr. Bob Barnes shares his tried and true parenting advice that are super valuable and poignant. These podcasts are a must for any parent at any stage of parenthood.
Dr. Barnes shares excellent practical advice. Several times a week his advice hits home & challenges me to be a better person...and parent! Enoyable to listen too - down-to-earth, not preachy. Ruthie's conversational style is great too! Highly recommend.
I have listened to more podcasts on parenting than I can count. The content on this podcast is the most down to earth, sound, simple, and applicable advice on parenting that I've found. The hosts both have a good sense of humor and bring a different perspective. Whoever does the editing is absolutely amazing! I imagine the recordings are roughly 45-60 minutes long and edited down to a concise 15 minutes for each show. There is no good reason if you're a parent to not listen, this is just outstanding!
These are valuable lessons on marriage and parenting!
Dr. Barnes and Ruthie are such a treat to listen to. So practical, so solid, just what I needed with 3 children. His advice is biblically based and firm! Thank you for providing this daily!
I am so blessed to have recently discovered these podcasts. My husband and I listen to them every night. Dr. Barnes is an excellent speaker and I am learning so much from him. Thank you!


This has become my favorite parenting podcast. Dr. Bob barnes gives incredible insight into raising children in a strong family with practical howtos. Many thanks to Sheridan House for this wonderful resource.
I absolutely love this pod cast however atleast 1 podcast per series won't play on my iphone4... It is a big bummer because this podcast is inspirational and has taught me alot... Thank u for doing what u do.
Excellent... Dr. Bob Barnes is parenting expert, his advise is so practical, yet at times profound. The insight found in theses podcasts are useful for raising toddlers to parenting your late teens. Not to mention the recording quality is excellent.