Robin and Josie's Utter Shambles

Reviews For Robin and Josie's Utter Shambles

the massive intellect of robin ince is complemented wonderfully by josie long's street smarts and cultural saavy. is this the wrong place to admit my massive crush on josie long? sigh! the other thing you can take as proof of their combined talents is their excellent list of guest on this podcast; it reads like a who's who of everyone you need to know about. and (if that wasn't enough) you will learn all you will ever need to know about zombie movies. wow! to all those involved in this beautiful production, may i have more sir, please may i have some more?
Why isn't there more?!?!?!?!? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO MORE.
I adore this podcast and look forward to it all week long. I learn, I laugh, and I go "What?!" all the way through. I hope Robin and Josie do more. Could use some more accordion though.