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The episodes are okay, if a little hit and miss. But I unsubscribed a year or so ago after the umpteenth time I'd cued up an episode while I was out on a run, only to find Roman had, with no warning, subbed in an episode of some other podcast he's pushing. I cooled off for a few months and then resubscribed, but then fairly recently it happened again, and now I'm done. Put your blasted episodes in your own feed, or clearly list borrowed episodes from other podcasts, and stop with the surprise insertion of what I didn't willingly download and do not want. Do this for the sake of your other listeners, because my second decision to unsubscribe is the permanent one. There's a lot of good podcasts out there, so I honestly don't have to put up with this.
I find myself thinking about the stories long after the show is done. I loved the recent mini story about the train station in Detroit and the clock being returned to the Ford Company.
Roman Mars and his team create the most informative, the most engaging, and the most entertaining podcasts imaginable. All my thanks to you all.
I used to really like this show and the narrator was great. Seems like they have ran out of material.
Little things you didn't know about the world and great way to explore other PRX podcasts.

This is my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to every episode and I just love everything about them. Read the plaque!
Just start listening, regardless of your level of interest in the topic being discussed and you’ll be entertained, enlightened and educated! Roman Mars is the best host I’ve ever heard!
Do yourself a favor and subscribe! And then download a bunch of old episodes and start bingeing. You have so many wonderful listening hours ahead of you. Roman Mars brings interesting and thoughtful stories each episode and has the perfect radio voice to match.


By ersmed
Wow is this like candy for the ears and mind. Fantastic show. A must have for your commute.
Having listened to each episode, this is one of my favorite podcasts. This is like an audio version of a Harper’s or New Yorker article, and luckily I can partake due to the audio format.
Found myself listening to a few different episodes from them and was really happy with the story topics and delivery. Quirky enough topics that were relatable and fun to listen to, but delivered in a great story format. Was finally sold when listening to an episode about Aloha shirts and found out one of my favorite shirts was made by the same company in the podcast! Made Ms appreciate the shirt much more. Can't wait to keep listening.
When asked, “Favorite podcast”? I never fail to reply that, “99% Invisible is by far the best.” I even donated $10 towards more:-) Keep up the great work!
I really like this show, but I’m coming to give it a 5 star rating because of Articles of Interest!
This is my favorite podcast. The stories are amazing. The audio quality is the best. I memorize lines from the show. I listen to some episodes many times.
The narrators’ voices are very loud and the guests voices are quiet. Fix it!
I’ve been a dedicated listener to 99PI for years and I am finally writing a well-deserved 5-star review. This show brings well-researched, fantastic storytelling. I listen to each new episode within hours of it coming out. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the podcast pond for the first time, this is a tried and true G.O.A.T of a show. If you’re already a dedicated podcaster that can barely keep up with everything in your library as is, I promise it’s worth incorporating into your audio rotation. I really appreciate that they feature small up-and-coming shows every once and a while - it’s through this spotlighting that I first started listening to Outside/In and An A and a Leg, two other must listen shows. Favorite episodes include: -Mooallempalooza - one of my favorite podcast episodes of all time - Raccoon Resistance - The Calendar - The Accidental Room - any Mini Stories episode Happy Listening!
The amount of ads make it difficult to listen too. The same ads repeating over and over
I love this podcast but it’s so hard to enjoy it without all the sponsorship messages. It really makes it a chore to be a new listener.
Look forward to every new episode. Interesting stories told engagingly
Brilliant, enlightening, enthralling, and captivating. I love this show so much. Unfortunately, as a student, I don’t have the money to donate to this program but realized I hadn’t left a review to support it. Truly some of the best programming on at the moment.
Nearly 10 minutes of insufferable ads from for-Evil multinationals. Go away!


Storytelling from an alternate viewpoint. Topics worth exploration, that don't require hype to spark interest. A great way to take a deep breathe.
An excellent podcast, one I can almost always count to entertain me and teach me something new. They seem to be a little more hit and miss than before though-I felt like the earlier ones were a little more engaging. I do have one sticking point—what were thinking with the song for Articles of Interest??!! The one that starts with “There’s a portrait...” I’m sure there will be people who like it but to me it sounded like it would be a theme song song Lore or another horror-themed podcast, or maybe even a macabre true-crime podcast, not a lighthearted and informational show about clothes. It really took me out of the show and I muted it every time. Other than that, no other complaints and I hope this podcast continues.
Honestly, I could listen to Roman Mars say anything. And when he did the shipping news, that was so funny and amazingly perfect. He really does have the best voice in podcasting ever. He should do guided meditations. That would be just the BEST. Besides that, this show is so fascinating. I love learning all the things we don't even notice in the world. I can't wait for each new episode, and I have gone back and listened to all of them. I have learned so much about so many different topics. Thank you so much for this. <3
Your show is great, but there are way too many ads and credits at the end of each episode! You can write all of that stuff in the liner notes! Surely you can apply good design thinking to this distraction.
I really resent being called a nerd by the host for simply listening to his show.
The editing is not my preferred style. I didn’t like narrator talking over subjects. Voice not for me either. Listened to 30 minute raccoon compost bin episode. *Spoiler alert* The raccoons simply knock over the bins and then open them......... I think an interview w the Toronto Sun reporter would have been much more valuable and enjoyable as opposed to the, in my humble opinion, unnecessary editing. I feel like the editing takes away more than it adds. If the topic is interesting, people should listen. I don’t like hearing people talk before they are introduced either. for example, new voice: yada yada yada yada. narrator: *fake whispering* this is raccoon expert, crash bandicoot. voice continues...
I don't like how he inserts his unnecessary judgments into the stories.
Always new and engaging, never a waste of time Strongly reccomend


By odo6507
Just don't like. Would put more info, but feels like it would be a waste of effort. Get the same feeling when watching CNN. LOL
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Roman has the perfect way to address topics which could be trivial if they were told by another narrator. Each episode is interesting and fascinating. I follow this podcast continually.
This piece of art podcast is one of my constants in my rotation. I use it in my writing class and the students love it. I love it because it takes a thing you’ve seen a million times and shows you a different way to think about it.
I listen to this off and on but as of the episode I listened to today—"The Shipping Forecast" episode 316 from July 2018—I'm hooked, so, so hooked. Let me tell you why this particular episode did me in: First: The topic. It should be kinda dull. It is everything but that with charm to spare and it was everywhere, each guest. Second: Roman Mars' glorious laughter when he's talking with Drew Ackerman. Finally, ROMAN DOES THE SHIPPING NEWS at the end and maybe I perished. Roman, this was good. This was hella good. Thank you.
Roman has an obvious passion for architecture and design. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn amazing new things about culture, history and life in our world. Thank you for staying truly unbiased politically (from what I remember) in a network that often says they are but truly aren’t.
I love these podcasts. I listen to them at night when I cannot sleep and they are the right balance between really fascinating (keeps my mind from worrying) and delivered with a calming voice. Best best podcasts in my whole library.
Digging deeper in the history and whimsy of items we sometimes overlook this podcast has caused me to look more critically @things often take for granted. Please please carry-on with a new season!!
Great show topics fill this library of brain food. Seeing the unseen (or rarely seen) behind the curtains on life itself, Roman delivers delicious meals of knowledge. I can’t talk highly enough about this podcast. Worth the time to listen to every past episode while waiting for your new weekly dose.
The most reliably good and worthwhile podcast out there. Almost every episode is full of interesting information.
Loved Avery’s recent series on Articles of Interest. I loved how much I could be surprised by the back stories of these daily pieces of clothing. Thank you!
I want to be Roman Mars.
I just finished reading all the one star reviews and I will say, if you have an aversion to any point of view different than your own, or you know everything you need to know, then please avoid this podcast. It's a deep dive into fascinating subject every episode. Roman Mars is a superstar.
YES you must make a second season of articles of interest! Ideas: tube tops, platform shoes, kimonos, maternity clothes, aviator sunglasses, drug rugs, goucho pants. I love 99% invisible.
Roman Mars and Team make a thoroughly enjoyable podcast that keeps me listening to every minute of every episode. I can’t recommend 99PI enough to everyone. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.


I love this podcast I’m writing a review for it and hopes that more people will find this podcast and love it as much as I do
Seriously can't get enough of Avery Trufelman. Every episode she is in, I know will be gold. She deserves her own podcast. Maybe she doesn't want it. But if she does.... 99% invisible in general is also gold. The content is so unique and I never see or hear it repeated from any other news or podcast source. Love y'all.
Love the podcast, not digging Articles of Interest. Avery has an amazing voice that’s bordering on yelling for this particular segment. Humbly suggest that you go back to your sultry, smoky voice - it’s a gift!