Derailed Trains of Thought

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Nick and Tim consistently give us an informed, balanced, interesting, and nuanced discussion of stories and storytelling. They are masters of their craft (I’ve read their novels), yet their discussions are always friendly, inviting, and easy to understand - entirely devoid of snobbery and highbrow arrogance. I absolutely LOVE their What If segments, in which they compile randomly generated elements and create stories on the spot. The results are hilarious! The Pun Times and It Came From the InterWebs segments are funny, too. Perfect podcast for that quiet evening in when you want something that entertains, keeps your attention, and gently offers some food for thought.
Nick and Tim are the best! funny and very interesting and funny
This is a show that tackles various issues related to all manner of storytelling for the creator and consumer. Tim is a film connoisseur and Nick an author, so they a wide spectrum of insights. Their guests add much to the show. After the Story School segment, their many rotating other segments are highly entertaining. My favorite is when they discuss the Wizard of Oz if it was directed by Michael Bay. A must listen for all storytellers!