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This series would be much better if the roles were reversed and the guest asked Dr Kelly to answer the questions. These speakers don’t compare to what we’ve come to expect from JPM and Dr Kelly’s lucid level of commentary.
Thank you to Dr. David Kelly and Jennifer Wu for continued coverage of ESG and Sustainable Investing disciplines, which are topics of growing attention in the U.S. and abroad as well.
Yep, lots of disclaimers at the end, but the Insights are worth it. I have found David Kelly and the JPM gang to consistently deliver the most insightful podcast and most helpful Guide to the Markets available. My clients have benefited dearly. JPM’s work is thorough yet delivered in a digestible and thus useful way.
Agree w previous comment, it's a sales and marketing pod. There's better ones out there
I loved the JP Morgan audio podcasts. David Kelly is the voice of reason in an uncertain world. The only guy I could happily listen to for an hour talking about charts that I cant see. But despite the charts, I'd prefer an audio cast. I hope this video is not replacing it.


By Bcc1469
This podcast is great! Pretty awesome that JP Morgan offers this. I have some BlackRock Funds and would live it of they did something similar! Oh well
Just a marketing app for JPM, waste of time