Reviews For Ron'sUpdate Podcast

I enjoy listening to Ron's updates (though I tend to let a few podcasts accumulate then listen to them all at once). It's nice to hear about the training of athletes who are a bit older than the norm. (No disrespect intended. I'll be there pretty soon, too.) The struggles with minor (or even not so minor) injuries are discouraging to us all. But it's even more discouraging as we age and it takes the body longer to repair. It's uplifting to hear Ron occasionally face these struggles. Not because I get enjoyment from another person's misfortunes, but rather because he doesn't give up like a lot of people would. This podcast is definitely worth a listen. PR's may be a thing of the past, but there's a whole running life still ahead.
Ron has created a short form psodcast to keep listeners updated in between his long form podcasts. It works well and the short snipets remind us why we enjoy the regular podcasts.