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This podcast is well worth the investment of your time and attention. There are many qualities that stand out about this group of players: They’ve stood the test of time, going on for 12 years now, so there is plenty of backlog with a lot of variety as they don’t stick to any one game or system. They’re funny. Even if some of their attempts might fall flat now and again (they can’t all be slam dunks) they all enjoy the efforts and don’t undercut one another. They don’t strictly play to win, but to have fun and entertain. If the dice don’t roll their way, they accept it with grace and a reasonable amount of grumbling lament. Perhaps most important is that The Fandible Crew are actual friends with each other and are supportive. Not just with each other, but with their fans as well. They’ll be your friends, too.
While the voice acting, accents, and improv are all great what truly is unique in this podcast is the intense friendship that shines through every story.


A great set of role players and game masters! The End of the World games are all great.
I LOVE the Numenera longshot episodes that the crew ran! It is such a good and compelling story with interesting characters and talented GM and players! Definitely recommend listening to it!
I have been listening to Fandible for a couple of years now. It is a great AP / Discussion podcast. The cast is amazing and provides an entertaining Roleplaying experience. They are always adding more variety in the content they provide. They mix and match the crew which changes the dynamic of the group, and it is used to great effect. You can expect casual fun with big guns and bigger shoulder pads, or tension-filled radio drama in places far far away. If you are looking for an AP that goes beyond just playing D&D, I recommend giving them a try. They have recently created a beginner feed to help you jump right into the fun.
I’ve been listening to Fandible for several years now and it’s one of my favorite actual play podcasts.
Great to see so much work put into so many systems.
This is a wonderful podcast. The guys play a wide variety of games, and craft incredible stories in whatever setting they find themselves in. I highly recommend it. PS: I love you Barsher!
Nowhere else can you find this level of quality from four main players, a new guy (<3 Dave), a toaster, and an intern. Where most RP groups tend to stick to one or two genres, not this group, they hit them all! Even... Fantasy... but not too often, don't want to lose listeners to such a niche category. Cheers, please keep it up!
Fandible has rapidly become my favorite podcast in my feed. The cast and crew are skilled gamers and role players, and the games they play and system used are varied and interesting. While some other actual plays may get lost in tangents and jokes, Fandible always finds their way back to the story and the action from their asides without getting lost in the weeds, and their jokes never seem to take away from the game. I’d really encourage anyone who enjoys tabletop RPGs, and recordings thereof, to check these guys out.
Fandible is an actual play podcast spanning tons of different systems. These folks really know how to commit to a joke and to humor. They don't let themselves get bogged down with the rules of the system, but rather, play in the spirit of the game and really emphasize the moment. The audio is generally more than good enough, although there are some clipping issues when everyone is shouting at the same time. Everyone's voice is clear and understandable for all the important stuff though. Overall this is a very enjoyable cast and concept.
Fandible does an excellent job delivering an Actual Play podcast with just the right balance of roleplaying, story and comedy. I've very much enjoyed the End of the World episodes and am looking forward to diving into their extensive back log to hear everything this podcast has to offer.
This is just a great crew. They are so committed to staying in character even though they shift pretty regularly through systems I am super impressed. They have a wonderful vibe together and are just an absolute joy to listen to. I also love that they give spot light to a lot of systems that you don't usually see on APs which is great. An absolute treasure and a super great show!
Just finished listening to the apocalyptic episode of No Room in Hell and the party does a fantastic job of giving a real sense of who their character’s are during the episode. It’s a slow build to the main event but once things start up they escalate quickly. The whole thing is extremely well done to pit this scenario in the modern day, as the group deals with the news of the dead rising about as well as I feel many would deal with it. A great listen and you can really tell that everyone is having a blast playing.
And honestly i wouldnt mind spending it with this loveable bunch a lovable group of weirdos. the humor alone makes it a worth while listen. the story and the players keep ya around to see what happens
Who needs another ‘actual play’ rpg podcast? C’mon, let’s be real—-EVERYONE!!! So I found myself listening to a podcast with a title “Blood on the trail” ; That’s what this review is for. But, then I notice, this Fandible Podcast has a ton of different shows!! Plenty here to scratch any RPG actual play itch. But back to Blood on the trail. The thing that stood the most was the DM, she has style 😘 and brilliant kid voices!!! So fun!! The other guys were ok too :-P A couple constructive critiques for the producers would be; Cut down on the microphone bangs and dumps. Be careful with the mastering editing, it’s a little tinty with some sound distortion which sounds like it was over processed. Maybe too much noise reduction? But that’s only noticeable for audio snobs like me :-0 It’s a good story, easy to follow and now I have to binge all the different shows!
I love long storylines in my RPG podcasts, but I also love short one-offs and, well, this show delivers on both counts. The Numenera episodes are just some plain great storytelling, but the one offs are a little more lose and a little goofy. And, honestly, I'm here for both aspects You can tell they take their roleplaying seriously, but also are able to goof with the best of 'em when they want to. The only problem I've had so far is that it's hard to tell some of the guys' voices apart, but I'm new to the Fandible world of podcasts and I'm sure once I immerse myself more, that won't be an issue.
I only listened to the Numenera episodes and I can tell how serious these guys are about their roleplaying. There isn't the usual goofiness and going off on tangents as there are in most RPG podcasts or even in real life tabletop RPGs. The sound quality of this podcast is superb and the stories are engaging. my one wish is that there would be more use of background music (once again I only listened to numenera so I don't know what's on other episodes)
This show is a great mix of campaign and one-shot play that showcases the variety of ways you can approach this hobby. I initially subscribed to this show specifically for the Star Wars Solo Shot, a game with one player and one GM, and that show alone would make this feed worth your time. But the variety of other games and campaigns they have going is a treasure trove of AP goodness.
pretty much the best roleplaying podcast out there in my estimation. A devoted crew of complete goofuses who have great improvisational chops. I look forward to listening to every week regardless of what weird rpg theyre letting David roll critical failures in this week.
This is the podcast that got me to start listening to podcasts. Fandible got me through a crappy warehouse job, and I am so happy to have found them. They have made me laugh, they have made me cry (one of Billy's NWOD games has a warning on it for good reason, I was weeping by the end), and they have greatly expanded my horizons on games I want to play. Additionally, they have only improved with time, both in terms of their dynamics and the recording quality. Since I started listening to them I have branched out into other podcasts, but I'm never quite as excited about them as I am when I see Fandible has updated.
I love the "normal" everyday characters you play in your World of Darkness. You don't go for the mortal athlete or soldier or martial artist. You play workaholics with anger issues, douche bag Jersey bros, grandmothers in search of a better auction. The list of lovable characters goes on. The stories are dark, but there is fun and humor spilling out of the story at the character's expense, and every once in a while, the ending is an "oh SNAP!" moment straight from the Twilight Zone. Thank you for entertaining me for hours while I work back room retail.
This podcast is so very entertaining, I love how into their characters they get and they don't let the game spiral into rules discussions at all!
In this, the month of my birthday, I want to thank you for the gift of so much joy that Fandible has provided. Whenever I need a smile, or simply a well crafted improved tale, I download a file and enjoy. Thanks, Fandible Crew.
Love the different storylines, with a special love for Hollow Earth and Atomic Robo!
I am able to use an mp3 player at work and enjoy listening to Actual Play Podcasts. I have stumbled around from several and come across Fandible's. They are by far the best, in my opinion. I'm not too keen on learning a bunch of systems rules and mechanics, but just like story and the fun within these. Jesus does a great job GM'ing and the players are awesome. Some AP's are not edited well and have poor audio, not true with this one. Give it a try, you'll be hooked.
One of the best actual play podcasts that I've ever listened to. Intelligent, funny, and endearing.
Title says it all. Am banned from listening to this at work as I'm told my laughing upsets coworkers.
While searching the web for Numenera Actual Play podcasts, I came across this gem. Fandible, though it only has 4 Numenera episodes (though many, many other episodes of other systems) has been a joy to listen to over and over. Thank you for this podcast!
Yes. I am a rules lawyer with most games. However, hilarity will always triumph. Listen to these folks. You will laugh.
I think this is one of the best, if not the best actual play RPG podcast. The players Daniel, David, Angela, Jesus, and Billy are all excellent role-players. Occasionally they are rules light (or flat-out rules wrong) in part due to their tendency to continually try new systems, but their enjoyment of the game, enthusiasm, and generally awesome rapport with one another carry things through. In addition, it never hurts that the show is usually hilarious. PS - If you are listening for the 1st time I would listen to some of the newer episodes, some early episodes have audio issues and they’ve obviously gotten even better over time.
I love AP's and after stumbling onto this podcast I cant stop listing.
Great podcast, though the first few episodes do suffer from poor sound quality. Perfect find for people looking for an Actual Play cast that shows off the systems spotlighted.
I really love AP podcasts, but Fandible is by far my favorite. The variety of games, the great role-playing, and the amazing story-telling makes this a must listen for me.
I think I was the first regular commenter on Fandible's site? You'd think I'd've gotten around to posting something gushing a while ago. These guys are hilarious, and play some games it's hard to find played elsewhere (the Warhammer tabletop RPGs! nWoD campaigns!). their recently kicked-off entry into the Shadowrun universe kind of cements their place in the play-it-true-and-parody-it-simultaneously universe. they've also, for those who care, usually got at least one person at the table who knows the rules of whatever setting they're playing well--weirdly rare in the podcasting space, and it ensures that things rarely grind to a book-hunting halt. just go listen to them! they're magic!
Really enjoyable Actual Play Podcast. The community of Fandible is definitely a selling point for checking out this podcast, and I encourage anyone who is a fan of the Warhammer 40K universe or World of Darkness to give it a listen. There are also numerous one-off or mini-series of different games that are a great listen- and I'm especially hoping to see them revisit the Dresden Files RPG. I enjoyed the round table and Couple of Geeks discussions, which let the listener feel like they're getting to sit in with the group and get to know the players as well. Great work folks, keep it up!
I first heard this group of gamers playing a New World of Darkness game and became instantly hooked. Frankly, this is the kind of group I dream of playing with. It is incredibly refreshing to hear a group of mature adults who play well together, and as a group, Jesus, Daniel, Angela, and Billy are less concerned with "winning" or "roll playing" and more with telling great stories. They do an amazing job creating well thought out characters, and play them accurately and without falling into the trap of 'meta gaming', which to me shows a great deal of maturity and respect to what role-playing really is about; creating great stories. In summary, the Fandible crew is entertaining actual-play podcasts at it's finest. Bravo guys! Keep up the great work.
I originally started listening to this podcast for the Dark Heresy games but everything they have put out is completely top knotch. Fandible is now my actual play podcast of choice and I look forward to each weeks episode with great excitement.
im very jealous the fandible crew gets to play all these different games. The warhammer 40k stuff is good but the highlight for me has beenthe unhallowed metropolis sessions. Great RP. I actually went out and bought the game after listening to the first episode. Keep it coming.
I'm Extremely Excited I Found This. It's a great thing to listen to. I especially love the Dark Heresy, even though I do enjoy the others to. I can't wait for more content, and for the characters to evolve even more.
As suggested by the title of this review, these guys (and girl) are amazing roleplayers. Mostly set in the Warhammner 40K universe, their games feature a combination of interesting stories/adventures, classic character moments, and some amusing banter sprinkled in for good measure. That's a recipe for success. I enjoy that Jesus commands the helm of the Warhammer games, but that other members run other games. I definitely recommend you give them a listen as well even if the Warhammer draws you in to start. The NWOD games are particularly fun to listen to and Billy's game shines (I want to say the Zombiepocalypse game was run by another member and don't want to take anything away from him, so unnamed shoutout). Overall, I am really digging this podcast and give mad props to the whole group. Now I just have to catch up on all the back episodes. Yes, it's tragic really that I have to listen to all of this great free entertainment. The horror.
It’s great to find 40K roleplay getting some attention! The GM and crew seem to have good chemistry and sound like a fun group to game with. My co-workers probably think I have lost my mind after Bosha Da Bosha had me laughing till I cried on more than one occasion. If you listen to podcasts such as the D6G or NerdBound you will love this! Keep up the good work!
Greetings, this is Ghost from Swing and a Miss podcast. I found your podcast searching for Dark Heresy actual plays, and I have enjoyed listening to your game sessions. I would have to say that GM Jesus knows his 40k universe quite well and the sessions are engaging, entertaining, and full of great plot twists. I would love to be a player in one of his games. My only complaint would have to be cutting up the podcasts and releasing them in one hour chunks, having to wait a week just to find out how the same session continued. Love the siren sound effects in the background, too, added a nice touch of realism to the zombie WOD game. For the Emperor!