Reviews For Geekfest Rants

Even though I am not officially a geek and don't know a heck of a lot about Star Trek (other than the original tv show) or Star Wars (other than the original film and a couple of early sequels), I get a lot out of this podcast. The depth of knowledge that commentators have makes for fascinating conversation, and Carlos' voice is just made for radio/podcasting - he's a great host who has honed his podcasting skills over the years to a highly professional level. I especially enjoy the Godzilla episodes when we are treated to a guest commentator who knows EVERYTHING about Godzilla! He has even visited Japan on two occassions for a special Godzilla tour of locations and meeting the old actors and filmmakers. Again, such a depth to the conversation that you can't get anywhere else.
I love movies, and I love dim sum! I found both with Episode 39! Keep eating!