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What I dislike about this show is they just talk about things that are announced or reported vs talking about actual experiences. You have to take everything with a grain of salt.
If you’re going to spend an entire episode reading a menu aloud, at least take the time to learn how to pronounce the ingredients
One of my original Disney podcast. Unfortunately, it has lost its spark over the years with multiple cohosts leaving and now somewhat dull, monotone banter. At times, I feel like it is a commercial for their travel agency. Bring back the fun, add another cohost!!
This was kind of informative but very hard to listen to
Considering they own a travel agency that sells disney I’m surprised they trash it so much. My agent left. ALL their good agents left and that’s what you get when you act like this. Totally depressing.
I love to listen to this show so much great information and fun topics and tidbits… You will learn a lot listening to Mouse chat enjoy this podcast so much 👋🏻👋🏻💕💕 Love ya Donna!👋🏻👋🏻
I love this podcast; it’s the highlight of my week!! Thanks for everything you all do!


By rahbb34
Just back from a week at Disneyland. Picked this podcast to try to keep the feels going! I am hoping this might just be a one off but one of the guys just brought me down. Disney anniversaries and special events are just money grabs. Popped my balloon and I ended jumping to one of my regular podcasts. Won’t be back.. life has enough reality in it don’t need it for Disney.


By bob5309
Better than Tylenol pm.
This is my favorite Disney podcast but please stop sniffing into the microphone. I almost can’t listen anymore.
Love the podcast but whoever has the sniffles and keeps sniffing needs to stop. It’s enraging!!!
Appreciate that these frequent Disney goers give honest and helpful insights, and make it fun. After listening to the podcast I turned to fellow Jersey girl Lauren to plan our first trip to Disney, which was flawless and smooth. Now that we’re looking to go to WDW again I’m listening to Mouse Chat regularly—the podcast gets us excited for our trip. Love Steve’s throwback stories from when he was a cast member and Sharpie, your puns always make me laugh. Keep up the great work!
Steve just doesn’t add anything to this. He doesn’t know hardly anything add value. You had no idea what the velicicoaster was like? Seriously? And it has a lap bar not an overhead restraint. You rode it and still got it wrong. I’ve been listening for a long time but some improvements need to be made here.
The CAST makes this podcast so great! I have listened every week for years. They consistently make me laugh and I get my Disney fix. Plus, I once got to work with Lauren to plan a Disney trip. These folks are experts. Love Sharpie puns, Lisa’s “practically perfect in every way” way of talking about Disney vacations and Steve surprises with his honest assessment of All things Disney.
It’s so boring it makes me either want to take a nap or not want to go to Disney. I’m sure they have great info but I can’t eat past the blah.
I drive a lot for work so I listen to podcasts a good bit and this one of my new favs! Love to hear the groups different viewpoints on things and it’s like sitting and chatting with friends. Just the right amount of magic I need!
What a waste of time. Don’t bother.
I like the podcast okay but sharpies puns are so bad I can see why his wife left him.
Every week I look forward to this podcast. The team is fun and they are great story tellers as well as being very informative.
I found this podcast when planning for a quick trip to DisneyWorld with my husband last November and I’m still listening. I look forward to it every week. It’s like catching up with old friends who just happen to be Disney experts. I hope they keep doing this podcast forever!
I look forward to hearing this podcast every week!
Great podcast!! Love the chemistry and great information!!!


By Salf777
Really enjoy the podcast and informative as well as entertaining but can someone please tell Lauren that the expression is “cop a squat “ not “pop a squat” ! LOL
The Griswolds, Lauren and Sharpie consistently put together a fun, informative and engaging podcast. They each bring a different perspective and have a great rapport. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work!
i have been listening to this podcast for 6 years now and i love hearing updates and it feels like i’m catching up with friends during every episode 😊
Words can’t explain the happiness I get from this podcast. Never before have I felt like a group of strangers were family. Everything from their playful arguments, not staying on topic, to their pure love of Disney...I could listen MouseChat for years.
I would recommend this podcast for anyone planning a Disney trip. I mean it gets kind of boring so it deserves four stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😕
One of the hosts sounds like he’s dozing off every time he talks. You’re not Howard Stern, wake up please!
I feel like this podcast mostly exist to sell me something or brag about all their trips, except Steve who never goes anywhere or has any firsthand subject knowledge and yet still manages to be smug. No one enjoys this! Good enough information. When it’s good it’s good and most of the time it’s good enough and let’s be honest, it’s free. Lauren’s wino middle aged mom routine is kind of funny but we all know that’s not healthy. Love sharpie and I wish he would talk more and the others a bit less. Lisa doesn’t even register. She sounds like beige looks.
Steve is the worst. I mean bang my head against the wall boring with his monotone voice. Sharpie is the best. The ladies all sound the same - like alcoholic New Jersey housewives. Decent Disney info though.
This is the best podcast!!!!!!!😎
I am no longer comfortable supporting a podcast that thinks it’s acceptable to go to Disney and violate their quarantine order! Lauren is down in Disney and has stated on the show she is from New Jersey and is CLEARLY posting pictures from the parks. So, she is basically flipping everyone off!!! We are all following rules and guidelines to help keep this under control but people like her make everyone else suffer! P.S. she’s the worst one on the show!
Just listened to the April 20 episode, top Disney snacks, restaurants etc. I could t get through it! First the endless meandering - seriously Arby’s, 7-11, chipwiches...this is t what I tuned in to hear about. The. You started with a Sandals resort!! Since when is that part of Disney? I’m sorry, but a shorter, more on-topic podcast would be awesome. I only have a limited amount of time to listen.


By WetzelE
I have been listening for years. This podcast is informative and I feel like I am listening to friends! If you love Disney you will love this!
Adults into Disney need to dig deep and ask themselves some serious soul searching questions.
I’m a big fan of Disney and this was Great!👍👍👍👍👍
This is amazing I love it thanks!!!!!!
This show feels fake......I don't like forced humor, a bunch of ummmms and mouth noises. Clearly no one edits this show. Lauren sounds like she smokes Unfilterd Lucky Strikes like my Grandma. Lisa sounds like the schwetty balls lady. Which could be good except its not. I love Disney so much but I don't feel the love here.
This podcast is very informative & fun to listen to. I’ve learned some very good Disney do’s & don’t’s listening to this show. The whole cast is extremely current on all things Disney and how to get the most for your vacation dollar. I listen to every show & love it!!
Solid show if you're planning a trip to Disney but in order to enjoy it, you have to ignore the fact that the hosts are boring and appear to lack any sort of chemistry with each other. Do these people even interact outside of the show? I don't need a lot of excitement in a Disney podcast, but some genuine humor might be nice because anyone can read a menu or the news. Why do they encourage Sharpie, who comes off prissy and smug, to make these awful puns? Do they seriously enjoy them because no one else does. And yes, Lauren's mouth sounds. My god, why doesn't someone edit those out? I'm sure she can't help it for whatever reason and I feel bad mentioning it but it sounds disgusting. Some of their shows have been good but overall, a solid 3 stars. Basically a podcast for when you're stuck in traffic and there's nothign else to listen to.
They offer thorough information on Disney topics. Usually very fun to listen to. Be please, if you aren’t feeling well, take the day off. Nobody wants to hear the constant snuffling.
So, they are Knowledgeable, good format but hosts say “so” to start and end every thought it becomes distracting. So, yeah. So, to give you an idea how many times they say they say “so”, so try 80-100 times per show. So, If you begin to count how many times the hosts say “so” in a show, you know it has become a distraction. So... I don’t say “so” 100 times a month. So , yeah. So anyway. So, so, so Steve is the king of So with Lisa and Lauren not too far behind. So listen and see for yourself. So, as an example the most recent episode was an Alaskan cruise review by Lauren, she said “so” 20 times in the first 5 minutes. So it’s an 80 minute episode, so so so the math. Must have said “so” over 300 times in that one. Had to shut it off, so you’ll have to count for yourself. So, the other annoying thing is when Lisa and Lauren try to come across as these big drinkers but it’s either a couple of glasses of cheap wine or a slushy drink from Epcot and they are bragging about it. So, there’s that. So
Has great insight that helps me learn more about the park.
I have been listening for years and for the most part really do enjoy the podcast. Sharpie is my favorite and I love his puns. I enjoy the rest of the team and their perspective as well. One thing I do need to mention that is distracting and a little grating is when Lauren is sniffing and making noises constantly. Sorry I feel bad, but it has really been noticeable.
I listen to an unjustifiable number of WDW podcasts. This is by far my favorite. It has an assortment of people present their different perspectives.
I just listened for Steve’s alter ego gris Griswold but he didn’t offer any useful fitness advice.
Mouse Chat was the first podcast I ever listened to and remains my favorite. I always get excited when I see a new episode has been added. And I love Sharpie...I could probably listen to him talk all day. Haha.
Love that this is a positive podcast about disney ! And that they talk about traveling with families !
Content was fun, but a lot of long pauses that made me think the show went dead. That was fine. It was Lauren always making gross noises with her mouth and breathing ridiculously loud that sent me over the edge. I realized I finally stopped even hearing what they were talking about because of the distractions. If we didn’t have that I’d have kept my subscription and continued to listen.