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I listen to TLATB mostly because of the weekly updates on Israel. I haven’t heard of any other Christians who have that focus. Thanks
As I travel this is one of my highlights especially on some of the long haul flights I have. Very insightful and great perspective and knowledge.
On Israel, complete with news, geography, and testimonies, and Scriptural truth. A real blessing!
Praise God for ministries who seek the Lord first and teach with scripture and the glory to God first!
This podcast fulfills so many elements of my interests. Having been to Israel and my love for the Lord and His purpose for Israel I love staying current with the weekly overview of the Middle East. I love the biblical insights in the Q & A. I love the biblical teaching. And, I love the unique experiences and insights of the guests. Thanks for bringing such a lively and insightful podcast to me every week!
This is a podcast I look forward to every week. I am so grateful for it. This program blesses me every week.
We are are incredibly grateful for Charlie Dryer and John Gauger’s excellent program on Moody Radio “The Land and the Book”. Each week —for many year we have listened as they take us to the Middle East where we learn about amazing Israel 🇮🇱 and what God has and is doing there. Their knowledge is unmatched and so appreciated! Michael and Leigh Murphy
This is an awesome weekly program! Lots of information on amazing Israel
Thank you so much for this broadcast it’s my favorite show!! God Bless you and your ministry
Thanks for such a great podcast that is truly informative, very well presented and biblical. I look forward to each episode!
I discovered this podcast by "accident", but I'm so glad I did. What a refreshing look at current events & biblical truths.
Excellent program , I enjoy each and every segment of it. Provides totally different and true perspective of Middle East.
The program today was as always Excellent, I'm going to listen again on my iPhone. IPhone alarm sounds on Saturday's so I do not miss your broadcast on MBN. I never imagined Or desired to go to the Land . Your programs are awakening such Desires in my heart. They are enlighten -ing and encouraging . Today after the show I read the Genesis Account of The Tower Of Babel and read an ICR devotional on the same. You are making the LAND alive, thus prompting more prayers for the Land's people and leaders, and the current circumstances in A more informed manner. I pray a ten thousand fold of fruitfulness on your staff and ministries, may GOD'S RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND uphold you. May GOD'S glory be be your delight all your days. I am thankful for this ministry. Sandra
After listening to Charlie, Denny and Jon on the show we realized how much passion they have for Israel. It gave us a passion to see the land. We were fortunate enough to see it with them and now our lives will be forever changed. Every week you bring your love for Israel to us. They speak to you from their hearts and bring you guests with first hand knowledge. If you have any desire to know the history of your savior and his people then keep listening. Thanks guys.
Very timely & in depth. I enjoy greatly. Will recommend to everyone.
Over the past few months, I have been looking for a weekly, not daily, news program about this area of the world. This podcast hits the spot. It was the title that caught my attention. The show covers current events, provides details about the area both past and present, and gives an object lessons that we can apply to our lives. Highly recommended!


By CdfTico
I wish a rich man invited me to Israel for a month and see everything where God left his fingerprints! This program is great!
I was hoping to download the first podcast this evening....but alas, it's not yet here. I'm so excited about this upcoming broadcast/podcast !