Reviews For Geek's Guide to the Galaxy - A Science Fiction Podcast

David Barr Kirtley and his guests take us on a deep dive into topics related to Science Fiction and Fantasy (SF&F). The format varies between interviews where David talks to a creator such as an author or other luminary of the field, and discussion groups where David and a panel of people discuss a topic or subject area. David is certainly one of the best prepared podcasters in the business, always ready with an fairly complete understating of the topic or of the work of the interviewee. Geek’s Guide is a treasure for the field of SF&F and has a extensive back-catalog well worth exploring!
Timely, topical, tremendously thoughtful. It’s my go-to to get out of my head and appreciate other points of view. I listen to pick and choose opinions to arm myself before intense social encounters like cons because I know that I can count on reasoned arguments and detailed breakdown of facts and factoids. It’s having a friend you can always count on to be enthusiastic about what you love and to legitimize discussing what others might consider minutia, but we know is deep and meaningful—the essence of truth and beauty.
I’ve been listening to Geek’s Guide for years, and each new episode brightens my week. The panels are my favorite - and I often find myself laughing or nodding in agreement with the different opinions and perspectives. Do I pause the show to offer my own thoughts and perspectives to an empty room? No. That’s what schizophrenic people do. I do it in my car while driving like a normal person. Seriously though, if you like fantasy, sci fi, or generally interesting discussion and perspectives on cool ideas, give this a listen.
This podcast has inspired me to finish a lot of my science fiction writing, and has also introduced me to amazing authors via a fantastic interviewer. Also has inspired me to apply to Clareon West this year, thank you!
If you're interested in 1.5 hours of inane, uneducated complaining every episode, this is the podcast for you. I've tried to listebt to various episodes over the years when they've discussed subjects interesting to me, and literally every time it's been a truly awful experience. Don't waste your time.
I used to enjoy the show lots of insight and great interviews with authors and creators. Decided to give it a break as I found it a little too woke for me. Well 18 months later rather than a little change one way or the other it has gone off the rails. Rather than discussions and explorations of the content of the shows and books it has broken down into Maoist self-criticism circles with the commentators expressing various levels of woke outrage. Problematic, misogynistic, LGBQ...... being some favorite and often used terms. 2 thumbs down.
I listen to a lot of interviews where the interviewer hasn't read the author's work and isn't familiar with who they are. David spends a lot of time learning about each new guest, often catching them off guard with insightful questions. A good example of this is in the Kazuo Ishiguro episode. By the end of it, the guest is engaged and asking questions back at David until his handler has to pull him away for the next interview. In terms of interview-based podcsasting, you won't find a better option than The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy.
Wow! So amazing to get the opportunity to hear the most prominent science fiction authors chat with the most wonderful host in the history of Geek culture. Nothing better, if you’re into this type of stuff. We are lucky to have these folks in our lives.
In this age of too-much content, the cream shall rise to the top. Geek's Guide to the Galaxy is the best podcast covering the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Mr. Kirtley fields a great variety of guests and creators to discuss every aspect of speculative fiction (from books to games to movies to television and more). I can find no better podcast that covers this subject matter in such depth. If I have any complaint, it is that they have much more time to watch movies and TV than I and I must stockpile their discussions on those subjects until I can catch up. But the discussion is always worth the wait. I have been listening from the beginning and I will continue to do so until there are no more episodes to follow.
This podcast introduces me to things I hadn’t heard of before that I go on to love, while also embiggening my understanding of books/movies/shows/ideas which I’d thought I’d had down pat. A perfectly cromulent show.
I don't have enough time to be as geeky as I would like and have been turned on to authors and content that I later really enjoy. The panel shows are well managed and have substantive guests; and for the interview shows he lets the guest talk long form. I don't always listen to the whole show and I notice the "woke" politics, but I like the show and look forward to new episodes.
Love the wide range of topics and guests. David and John have been tremendous hosts from the start.
In 2015 i stumbled across an old episode posted on YouTube ( the chuck palaniuk episode ) and have been listening ever since. The podcast has seriously been life changing, opening my eyes to the world of science fiction and fantasy . If I ever make enough money I will for sure become a Patreon because I cannot imagine my Friday mornings without this postcast.


David B K is an outstanding interviewer, great guests
This show is such a great mix of interviews and panel discussions about science fiction! I love the author interviews and a lot of the recent ones have included some of my favourite authors like Peter Watts, Michael Bishop, and Neal Asher. When I listen to the panels I often find myself nodding in agreement or laughing out loud at some comments that really hit the mark. I love it so much that I save up episodes so I can binge!
I’m working my way through the entire episode catalogue - currently on 177 and I’m not skipping one! Always full of great dialogue, poignant insights, interesting guests, and engaging topics. Will not stop listening as long as it keeps being produced.
Just listened to ep 323, "Sorry to Bother You". I already knew that I need to see this movie. This might be a rare case where I will be happy to have heard this discussion of the movie before I see the movie. It is so great to get this super good panel together on this topic. As in other episodes, this one is interesting, mind-opening and inspirational. I feel much more optimistic about the future after listening this. G^3 is the only podcast for which I listen to every podcast. Even if it's on a topic that I don't think I'm interested in, I know that David will bring a lot of interesting information into it and will change my mind. Fantastic!
The most boring, shallow, unqualified panelists. Their critique is bland, predictable, and mindless at times.
This series always engaging and encouraging. These ladies inject a lot of hope into this series. It’s perfect for a long commute!
If you’re a geeky geek, watch this for sure!
I’ve been listening to geek’s guide for years but have never left a review of this wonderful podcast. Turns out I was just waiting to help them reach 666 ratings.
The amount of work that goes into the podcast shows in every aspect of it. It's one of the most professionally dont podcasts on the internet on any subject. The interviews are thoughtful and it's clear the host spends a lot of time preparing for them so he can speak intelligently to the author or other interviewee. The panels are always interesting (even my opinion often differs from the common theme of the panel) with intelligent, relevant discussion. Every episode is exceptionally well edited to remove things like pauses in the conversation or someone saying "um..." while they think of what to say. All of the shows are on target, interesting and extremely well done.
The format has changed over the years, and its more recent focus spends (in my opinion) to much time with panel discussions about television shows and movies, but the back catalog is a phenomenal resource offering interviews with nearly every major romantic genre writer alive. For that back catalog alone Geeks Guide is worth subscribing. I only wish David had the time and resources to do away with the fan service panels about this or that current tv show or movie and go back to the roots of the podcast with more in depth discussions about the genres we love. Still gets 5 stars from me though!
I listened to the Willaim Gibson interview. The first issue is the sound/recording quality. It's really quiet and noisy. Can't Wired afford good mics, and a closet for recording? The interviewers weren't super engaging. Luckily Gibson is an intresting talker and they just let him go uninterrupted. I wanted to keep listening after the interview becasue the content seemed intresting but I could't do it. The one guy keeps saying "um" repeatedly, uses uptalk constantly, and speaks with vocal fry. Yes, a man doing everything annoying that women usually get criticized for. Newsflash, it's not a female only problem. The unprofessional sound of the podcast and hosts who must never listen back to their own voices to improve them make this unlistenable.
One of the best book podcasts, in fact. But I’m decidedly much less interested in the reviews of current tv shows that I’m already likely to be aware of. In the past this was a great place to learn about new authors, or at least give attention to authors who often have a much smaller promotional budget than a network or Hulu or Netflix.
After looking at the list of podcasts and the reviews, I expected great things. What I heard, though, was a couple of unprepared podcasters who didn't even go to the trouble of learning the names of the people they were discussing nor how to pronounce them. They blurted out unconsidered opinions wirh all the grace of high schoolers in a classroom discussion. I'm looking for insight in a podcast and expect to pick up some new knowledge along the way. This isn't the one that will do that. Guys, listen to yourselves some time. You may be surprised how hard you are on listeners' ears.
This is the best podcast with creators in sci/fi and fantasy. The host is extremely knowledgeable and asks great questions. Favorite episode is with Kazou Ishiguro, who later was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Coincidence? I’ll leave that to you to decide.
Great podcast for sci-fi fantasy lovers. I discovered so much to see/watch/read via this. Get it.
A go-to listen that consistently entertains
I’ve listened to many, many episodes of this podcast during my commute. It’s kept me sane and entertained while driving in LA traffic. The host asks great questions and the guests are generally very interesting. I’ve discovered many new authors through this podcast and I’ve learned much about writing SFF (which i really appreciate as a new writer). Keep up the great work so I have more episodes for my commute!
I enjoy Geek’s Guide every week. One of my favorite podcasts. Great interviews and book, movie, and show recommendations. I’ve read so many new and interesting books based on David’s discussions with the authors and panels.
I have been listening to Geeks Guide to the Galaxy for almost two years, and it continues to be an extraordinary experience. The breadth of guests is amazing - Hugo Award winners, Nebula Award winners, 2 Noble Laureates! Deep insight in the trade, philosophy and art that is modern Sci Fi. This pod cast is a must listen, and I am so lucky to have found it.
Fantastic Podcast if you love science-fiction fantasy this Podcast is for you love to listen to this at work
Save the Expanse!
This podcast has been my go-to for my Monday morning commute for several years now. My favorite episodes are the author intervies, but the pop-culture pannel discisions are great also. I have been introduced to many new authors, movies, and telivision shows that I would lilkely never have stumbled upon without this podcast.
That's it. The host just isn't very good. His radio voice is awful, and he doesn't know how to interview. I couldn't make it through a single episode.
Talk about an all-star cast! With Neil Gaiman, Ken Liu, Bill Nye, Rose Eveleth, James Gleick, etc etc!! Ahhhh the guests are so good. But the interviewing is horrible. The host completely ignores everything the guests say and just moves on to the next question, it's 0% conversational. And that's why this show will never be good.
This is usually a very good podcast that I enjoy, I don't put 5 stars for Two minor details 1- No description of the content of the podcast, for example the latest one is a review of several horror movies, would it kill you guys to put the list of the movies being reviewed in the description? 2- Sometimes major science fiction and fantasy movies or books get completely ignored by this podcast and I don't get why. Other than that is worth your time
Just what I need to take me out of the current state of affairs.
I like the topics of discussion but David Barr Kirtley is a horrible interviewer. A typical course of events is the interviewee saying something insightful followed by a long silence from Kirtley then a "hmmmph" and nothing else; no follow-up. He just moves on to the next question as if the interviewee said something stupid. It's super awkward.
The guys who hosts this show is the worst! He starts every question with "I mean..." And after every question he just makes some kind of noise like hmmmph. It's a lot like listening to a grade-schooler stumble through their book report.
I tend to drive a lot for work and I'm just getting into podcasts. This was the first one I tried and I love it. Great hosts who know their stuff and have given me a lot of new reading material to look in to.
Nice mix of interviews, discussion, panels. Cool guests. Interesting perspectives on science fiction & fantasy (and sometimes video games).
Great interviews on Sci Fi lit, TV,film, and other platforms make this an essential pod cast. It will introduce you to new Sci Fi delights. So good I want to pour chocolate sauce on it and eat it.
Geeks Guide is always a joy! I have been introduced to many new (to me) authors and shows through the podcast.
GREAT guests... FANTASTIC and interesting TOPICS HORRIBLE HOST. He sounds bored and usually has no flow or rejoinders to keep a conversation going. There have been several times I've just had to turn it off because HE is so boring and just kills the interviews.
I downloaded several episodes at once and binge-listened. Their review of the Christian movie, "Risen", featured two devout atheist guests, one of whom wrote a book debunking the very existence of Christ. They were actually billed as such, and according to the intro, were featured on three previous reviews of bible-themed movies. The hosts, of course, mocked the film throughout. Not just in terms of quality, but the very premise, referring to events regarded as sacred by Christians as "pure fiction". I've also heard several anti-Trump statements over about half a dozen episodes. I do appreciate that they announce their agenda and don't try to hide it, and certainly they have every right to champion whatever ideology appeals to them. But listeners should know that if you're a person of faith or politically conservative, you're not the target audience here. They have an anti-Bible slant and are not shy about it (otherwise, why not take a more balanced approach to these films?). If you don't find that sort of antagonism off-putting, then otherwise their reviews and discussion are quite solid and you'll probably enjoy this.
I can't even begin to describe all of the great fiction and nonfiction I've been introduced to through this podcast. But more than that, it's a smart, rational, even-tempered analysis and often criticism of SFF as literature, philosophy, and culture. David Barr Kirtley is an extremely talented interviewer. He's well-informed, always does his research, and more than anything displays an inspiring level of genuine appreciation and curiosity about his subject matter that is not easy to find. He listens and wants to learn, and GGG listeners are always rewarded for it.
Worth a listen.