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I was looking for another Disney Podcast to fill my commute to work everyday and I was really wanting it to be this one, but alas I could not listen to this for very long. The problem for me is not the content they are providing, actually all three of the stars I gave this podcast are for content. They really know their Disney. The problem I have with this podcast is how they deliver that content. Usually there are what seems like 4 or 5 people there at any given time. Very often during the podcast they get all excited and everyone starts talking over everyone else. It's just maddening to me. Another problem I have is the quality of the sound recording. Each panelists mic seems to be different with greatly different gains on them. I would be listening to the podcast at a normal volume and then someone would speak up at twice the volume. Like I said maddening. I would deffinately consider listening again if they would work on not talking over each other and spend a little time, effort and money on production.
This has become my favorite podcast. I love every person that takes part and love how they members just talk and act normal and give their honest opinions. I can't tell you how excited I get when a new episode comes out and I can't tell you how many times I've listened to each and every episode!
I love this podcast! Listened since episode 1! I think Gary and Ian are hilarious and Christene is a great addition! Although sometimes they can be a little negative, they "crank because they care"! Can't wait for the next one!!
My favorite podcast. Make sure you're in a place where you can spontaneously burst into laughter while you're listening.
What a fun group. This podcast is more than Disney and Universal. I really like the crew and the addition/mixing in of Michael and Christine is really fun. Keep it up guys!
Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I am just hanging out with friends.... that like to talk about Disney. Very laid back, fun, and informative. This is a great addition to Intercot! If you are planning a trip to WDW or DL or just love the Disney parks this is the podcast for you! Thanks to all the contributors to this podcast.
Keep up the great work! Love listening to you all!
The cast of 'characters' does change some from podcast to podcast, but for the most part the core consists of the same people. They are knowledgable, likable, and almost always interesting. Yes, they do have occasional issues with their sound quality, but this is not a group of broadcasting professionals with high dollar equipment. They are everyday people that love Disney and wish to share their love of Disney - both WDW and Disneyland - both through their podcast and through their website.
Helpful info and entertaining
I really, really enjoy the Intercot podcast. The last one, which was over two hours longs was outstanding!
Great podcast, new for me. I have listened to the past 10 episodes. I would rate higher but they consantly have audio issues. Examples are "Plug and Unplugged," and "Cylon Gary." Also I feel that 4 to 5 people at the table is the sweet spot. More folks and they tend to talk over each other. There are other podcasts that use skype and have a roundtable that do not have these issues, so there is little excuse for it. However, this podcast is right between the "overly sweet" (WDW Radio) and the "why do they podcast about Disney" (DIS Unplugged). It is that mid ground that I like. They tend to go off topic, yet it remains entertaining and always leads back to the main topic and oddly ties into the topic. I like how they are getting thier best of topics from twitter in the past few episode. Brings thier listeners into the show. It is also nice that they have a disneyland fans (Michael and Melanie). John is a great host but needs to stop living in the Disney past and tell us things he likes about todays Disney. Sorry, Man. Horizons is gone and ain't coming back. Once again, improve the audio and ths will be a 5 star podcast. EDIT: I understand this is free product for me, I do thank the team and appreciate what you all do.
This podcast really makes you feel like you're inside the parks with some of your friends. A light, friendly atmosphere coupled with insider information really brings the Disney Universe to life. You'll feel like you're part of the fun whenever you listen to this podcast. My favorite podcast member is Cylon Gary. There's no better way to keep up with all the Disney fun when you're not in the parks then by listening to the Intercot Insider!
I absolutely love this podcast!!! It is the only podcast that I listen to and can keep my attention. The cast is fantastic!! I listen to it on my way two and from work. It is the best Disney podcast out there!!
I can honestly say that this is my favorite Podcast. It's the only Podcast that I listen to with any regularity. I'm an Intercot member (diz_girl) and while I first started listening for the Disney information, that now comes second to the pure listening pleasure of the Podcast. The banter is great, as are the inside jokes. Each member of the cast adds something different and they make listening so enjoyable that every Podcast receives multiple listenings and I am always waiting with anticipation for the next one. If you listen and don't get some of the pop culture references, don' t fret. Some of the cast members don't either, which makes it fun to listen to those moments too. So give the Intercot Podcast a listen. You won't regret it.
The Intercot Insider Podcast is by far my favorite podcast out there. I am a major Disney freak and listening to the podcast always gives me my WDW fix. The format and cast is perfect. I do a lot of long distance driving and the Intercot Insider makes the drives go by so fast.
I enjoy the laid back flow of the show. The conversations going off on their own tangents is as much fun as the topics. I do like the way they try to sneak in a Duffy, Beer and Horizons reference. Plus the impromptu breaking out into song adds to the show.
Great show! My favorite Disney podcast. I love how sometimes you guys go off the rails and then come back to talking about Disney. This podcast is sure to make me laugh at least once! Love it, wish you did it more often!
I love listening to this while I am walking on the treadmill. You guys are great, I love the witty banter! My only complaint is the loooong wait between episodes. Keep up the good work.
I love the show and wish new episodes would come sooner. Such a great mix of opinions and thoughts. I would love to join the show for an episode one day and chime in. Keep the good shows coming, I am close to canceling my Sirius because your show is sooo good. Thank you!
I LOVE Intercot's podcasts!!! It is the podcast that I make sure to listen to as soon as it comes out! I always learn new things, and I feel like I am sitting around the table and chatting with fellow Disney lovers. I appreciate that they give their honest opinions, and talk about the good AND bad. My only complaint would be that I would love a new episode EVERY week, not just one every 2 weeks! :-)
Love this gang and would love to hang out with them. I find myself wanting to chime in on the discussions! Would love if they put these out on a more consistent basis.
I'm a member of intercot (yungbuck73) and I love the podcast. Love the little inside jokes(Duffy, horizons, etc). Very informative also. Can't wait for the announcement of next years LMNOP dates so I can meet all the other Disneyites.
I swear the banter is even more interesting than the Disney info. Sure, you can learn the ins and outs of planning the perfect Disney vacation but, more importantly, you'll laugh histerically at the panel's off-topic tangents. For the record, Ian is my favorite. Sorry John.
Update... I decided I had to give the show another try and I am glad I did. I think I caught a particularly negative episode on the Haunted Mansion changes... But every episode since that one has been really good, so I am changing the rating from 2 stars to 4 stars. As I said, I am really glad I gave this a show a second chance or I would have missed out on some really good banter. Thanks and keep up the good work! I have to agree with Mommy2allgirls... the episode i listened to was very negative. I admit I didn't listen to it all the way through (episode 13) but I as just not in the mood for the negative vibe. I know they know their stuff and I know they must enjoy the parks or else they would not do a podcast about it... they just seem to point out all the criticisms and don't offer much praise for what they do like. So when you listen, you don't know why they even go to the parks at all... it is ok to be critical... but find a balance like Dis Unplugged... they rant about what they don't like (which i thoroughly enjoy), but they give high praise where it is due. The same with WDW Today- honest, but without the rants. it's still early and maybe i picked a bad episode or was just not in the mood. Maybe i will try this one again later when they are not complaining about the Haunted Mansion refurb... maybe another topic will be less hyper-critical.
I totally did not like this show the first time I heard it. I think I just must have listened to an unusually negative show dealing with the Haunted Mansion. I gave it another go and listened to 2 or 3 more shows and I enjoyed them a whole lot better. Good job, keep up the good work.
Love the podcasts. Always a great listen.
I have been a member of INTERCOT for 8 years! I love the site and I love this podcast! Roundtable podcasts are always a favorite!! You guys are informative and entertaining! It's great to be among other disney geeks likes myself! I love love love listening and look forward to more podcasts!! Keep up the great work!
Very laid back, informative look at Disney/Orlando parks. Thought the first two episodes were excellent. Congrats -keep them coming.
Good first show! Thanks for not just copying the format of other Disney podcasts. Looking forward to more shows.
Wow ... Very unique and entertaining! I don't know that I've heard a Disney related podcast quite like this one before. The roundtable format worked very well and the team seemed very comfortable and at ease in their conversations. This is a series I'm definitely going to be staying up on!