Reviews For Sermons

Tullian has a way of presenting the Gospel in a real life applicable way! Having grown up in the church Ive never heard anyone with his passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ!
I was recommended by the Barbar family to listen to Pastor Tullian Tchividjian speak after my drastic life changing events of the past year.. Hearing the words of the pastor i realized that no matter what denomination of God I believe in, that there is someone always there for me. Thank you Tullian for your great words of enlightenment your podcast is something that i listen to daily, and thank you Barbar’s for your kindness and support through everything!
Tullian preaches and teaches the pure gospel. It is beyond spiritually refreshing.
Tullian Tchivijian definitley inherited his grandfather's preaching ability. His sermons are always engaging and expound the scriptures in a clear way.
Pastor Tullian is so awesome! It could rain, snow, hail, storm and thunder on the same day, when I hear him preach the sun is shining!! God bless you!!!
Life changing messages! Praying that many pastors and pastors-to-be hear them!!! We need.a Grace awakening world-wide. Jesus plus nothing equals peace, joy, life!!!!
Thank you for speaking the Gospel. It is NOT about us, but about Jesus!
Pastor Tchividjian preaches the Gospel unlike any other. Thank you Coral Ridge for podcasting these sermons.
Listening to tullians presentation of the doctrine of grace was refreshing and inspiring. Kept my attention the whole time, and i have listened to a lot of sermons. His message is biblically grounded and doctrinally focused, but still presented in a practically applicable manner. Very down to earth, but not sacrificing the truth found in scripture. Very engaging and entertaining as well.
If you want the gospel listen to this podcast. I could have sworn Tullian was a Lutheran in Presbyterian clothes and that is the perfect combo biblically.
Tullian preaches the Gospel in an adulterated, undomesticated way... the way it should be preached!
Tullian brings the gospel in a deep, yet simplistic way. Nice blend of Chandler and Keller.