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First of all, this is legit. I'm challenged to think hard and that is awesome! Your episodes are always fun and new. Keep up the excellent work guys! Praying for ya!
As a parent, I am so thankful these podcasts exist and continue to encourage people and specifically Believers to recognize there is no neutral ground in life's choices. We have to think before we react or respond and take time to evaluate our choices in relation to God's Word.
What on earth happened to change your belief system after 25 years of having a particular worldview? You sound a little angry. I can't help but wonder what hurt you.
I love what Bill and Jeff are saying in these podcasts. Keep up the crazy talk!
Hi! This is Jeff Baldwin, one of your hosts for Radio Worldview (so naturally I had to rate the podcast a 5 out of 5 stars). Just wanted to let listeners know that our old feed on iTunes is dead, and this is the right feed to subscribe to for new shows. Please feel free to visit our website,, for more information about our ministry and these podcasts.