Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

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You guys are delightful and I hope your stomachs endure through many more episodes. Also, I just got around to listening to 224 (the tequila one), cracked up at the Enkidu/Gilgamesh joke, and then got very startled that apparently Ursula knew, through space and time, that I would laugh.
“Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap” is a much longer podcast in which the couple test out a variety of prepackaged instant food and snacks. If you can’t stand the sound of chewing, this podcast isn’t for you. However, the presenters, particularly Ursula, are hilarious in their reviews and so colorful in their language that sitting through these two-hour episodes is a joy. Ursula recently described one food choice as tasting ‘like an independent bookstore.’ The couple often goes on smart, funny tangents that are as entertaining as the food reviews. Running the gamut from ‘healthy’ snacks including organic and gluten free items, to the most basic instant fare, these two food critics are sure to entertain with their common sense wisdom and curmudgeonly wit.
I adore this podcast. Kevin and Ursula are wry, articulate, hysterically funny, and occasionally profane, and often way off topic; this is a meandering, pungent, delicious journey through all kinds of food, cheap and not so, local and far-flung. Even if I had no interest at all in the stuff they eat I would listen just for the fun and the obscure factoids. Plus, live kitchen beagle. You can't beat that.
These two hosts have a great thing going, from weird asian noodle bowels to Aunt Jemima they have reviewed it - all while keeping me in stiches. There are side bars with their "Eating Fresh" segment, diversions into the eating local scene and hilarious pet interruptions. Well worth listening too.
And perfect for a commute!
This us by far my favorite podcast, Kevin and Ursula sound like real people[1] having fun in their kitchen panning and fanning the fair the pick off the grocery store shelves and chatting up a storm while doing so. So, occasionally one of the drops an F-bomb when something is truly awful, who doesn't? The random side commentary by the beagle and cats are nice spicing to this wonderful goulash and I look forward to it every Sunday evening. [1] I have actually met them and can confirm that they are not alien ninja robotized parents from the planet Nought, no matter what the internets claim.
While you might not think 'we eat cheap food and review it' sounds like much fun, this podcast is hilarious, entertaining, and often educational in ways only tangentially related to the food. (rare turkey breeds! regional grocery stores! blimp hangars!) plus it can save you from making horrible cheap-food purchases yourself. so if you're looking for either cheap food reviews, or funny people doing everyday stuff and making it funny by proxy, LISTEN!