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This podcast wows me every listen. It is more than worth re-consuming. Daniel asks the best questions and answers them in a generally structured and unbiased fashion.
A thinking person’s podcast but one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Big, complex topics handled in a personal, humanistic way. Now if only my friends were this intellectual, creative and funny. Very well produced. Got hooked after the first one and am eagerly anticipating the rest of the series.
I was skeptical at first, but man, after listening to just 2 episodes I am completely hooked. I love the variety of topics, and I also love the different inputs/views on things. Thanks for making my workday a lot less boring.
The last episode was absolutely profound and beautifully crafted. The show has always been entertaining but Daniel Kaufman seems to have real found his voice as a podcaster. Keep it up, please!!!
This show is brilliant! I only wish there was a larger archive.
Daniel Kaufman’s podcasts are world-class in every way. They’re witty, though-provoking, funny, and have great soundtracks to boot. In his case, being OCD and perfectionistic pays off big. His latest episode, “The Long View,” gave me some tips that might really help me stay on that diet I seem to abandon every other day and the “Eating Animals” episode was nothing short of life-changing. So yeah, I highly recommend.
Fantastic. Massively recommended
Great podcast, clever and professional in its take on societal issues. Highly recommend, just hate the long wait in between podcasts
This is a lone auteur taking up universal topics in a personal, highly-compelling fashion. You'll get comedy, but you'll also get earnest inquiries into huge questions. This podcast has heart and snark in equal measure. Seriously, this is the kind of "Indy" podcast that the listening revolution was made for. Listen!


This takes subjects we all think about from questions them from different angles giving additional insight that might have otherwise been missed. Very entertaining, funny, blah blah blah. Love it.
How I stumbled upon this, I have no idea, but I'm really glad I did. It may be a long wait between episodes, but I'll be here when you're ready.


Original, writerly, and addictive! I binge listened all the episodes over the course of a weekend and can't wait for more! Thanks, Dan!
This is a genre defining podcast, thoughtfully done, and produced with artistic perfectionism.
Great podcast, the conversations with Ryan are funny. Give’s me something to think about on runs, always interesting and thoughtful. Great work!!
Well worth a listen. Creative, thought provoking, educational, funny, and irreverent.
This is my favorite new podcast. Thank you!
I enjoy this a lot. There’s my review. :)
Dan's Myoclonic Jerk podcasts have been the sound track to my long ride home from Northern CA to LA. They are intelligent, though provoking and some even heart opening. They kept me awake (big one for me on a long drive!) and entertained and I look forward to hearing what your next one will be.
It's clever and fun, very well produced. Some podcasts are little 1-2 minute things that are really a hassle to listen to. NOT THIS ONE! This is a lengthier show that you can turn on while doing projects around the house or going for a long drive. Keep 'em coming, Dan. Great stuff! Can’t wait to hear more.
Well, maybe not life changing, but the first episode of this show that I heard was "Eating Animals". It definitely changed my perspective. It was very informative, and not at all biased. I've since visited local farms and purchased CSA shares. No more factory meat and eggs for me. Great show!
This is a brilliant podcast. Smart, honest, full of great thought provoking and touching moments that all seem very organic. This is much much better then any NPR programs that are trying to do the same thing.
Dan Kaufman is not a failure or a nihilist, as this wonderful, funny, earnest, and thoughtful podcast will attest. However, unless I'm able to download the apparently missing third episode, he will be my enemy, now and for all time. Sorry Dan.
I'n consistently amazed at how often during each episode I find myself both laughing out loud and pondering complex moral issues. Often times I'm inspired, and sometimes I just really want to join in the conversation with the interviewees as everyone involved in this program is interesting and likable! The episodes are meaty and thorough in their probings of not-so-simple questions, concepts, and dilemmas. I can only imagine it takes at least a month to put one of these together. Fans of Radiolab and This American Life will find Myoclonic Jerk and enjoyable blend of both that's somehow totally different at the same time! Bravo Dan!
Don't get me wrong. I'd love to listen to one of these every two weeks. However, the amount of work that goes into one of these episodes is readily apparent. For that type of goodness, I'm willing to wait. A funny and informative podcast that doesn't sit for long in the inbox.
Serous, insightful, funny. Everything long format radio should be. The Commedy Pardcast turned me into this. As I recall jimmy Pardo had the same OMG reaction.
If you are looking for thought provoking, open minded, big picture thinking, non Glenn Beck zombie training type material, then you have found your portal.
I was searching for the hi-colonic jerk podcast when I stumbled across Dan's similarly-named product. It was immediately apparent that he is not your run-of-the-mill jerk. Dan Kaufman has managed to produce a very professional, interesting, sometimes cerebral and high-brow with just enough low-brow humor to keep it lite podcast. His topics are thought provoking and never mundane. Often, for several days afterwards, I find myself thinking about some of the points raised during the "shows". Each podcast is better and more polished than the previous one, and, after listening to all five, I eagerly await the next installment. Give them a try. I'm sure you've spent five hours in less useful ways in your life so what have you got to lose? You might find that you enjoy them enough to recommend them to your friends, or, as in my case, to perfect strangers.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. It's always thoughful and always funny, sort of an unusual combination of the two. The topics are big, but the tone is very personal. Listening to it is like sitting in on a conversation among bright, playful people. Not a bad way to spend an hour now and then.
Funny and entertaining.
An original podcast that allows the "over-thinker" to indulge his or her ceaseless need to ask questions. A real joy to listen to. It attempts to seek answers to these questions in a somewhat structured way, feeling like a productive break from the endless thoughts that already rattle around inside our head. This podcast succeeds in being humorous, insightful, curious, and fun. Plus, it brings production value back to podcasts.
Thought-provoking and witty! Like listening in to a conversation among minds that are both deep and quick, with a bonus of well-chosen music and movie clips, and readings.
Intelligent, and funny too. Ranks up with this American life. More episodes please!
Seriously...awesome high brow philosophical comedy.


By Robkohr
Great guests and mildly deep discussion
Wonderfully entertaining and sincerely thoughtful. There are a lot of podcasts out there. This is one of the few good ones worth your time.
I love the depth and humor of this podcast. Also, how artfully it's constructed. Keep at it! Fantastic.
Man this podcast is awesome when are you guys coming out with the next episode. Can't wait you guys talk bout good stuff.
Well worth listening to. Keep it up guys! Just heard the first issue. It started slow and down but in the end it was great! Listen to the whole thong you will see! (hear)
Looking forward to new episodes - you have a winner here!
Easy listening delivered in a conversational format makes it interesting. Hope to hear more episodes.
Somewhat entertaining but void of any sort of discussion that could be considered intellectually satisfying. Overall I felt very underwhelmed and, at times, bored. The episode on nihilism was more of a personal interview than a discussion about the philosophy that it's based upon. Keep trying because I've not been impressed thus far...
Really liked first ep. I've never been one to ask "What's the point?" but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride as they wrestled with the question. Deep, revelatory, and full of laughs.


First podcast good; this one, great. Can't wait for the next.
I enjoy Dan's take on the big issues, but my favorite parts are the conversations with his friend Ryan. They have great chemistry and the chat always takes absurdist twists and turns. I look forward to future episodes! Hope he keeps doing them!