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I'm in a chemistry class at school and since I first found this online I've watched almost every video and now I understand more of what I'm doning in chem class.
Great little tidbits here. A wonderful series of factoids and short summaries of basic elemental chemistry mixed with some of the process of science.
I can't wait to show my six-year-old daughter some of these. She will be very intrigued by the experiments and the thoughtful if off-the-cuff way the scientists describe the reactions. Who could argue with that hair? Well done!
I like so much your videos because you don't just talk about the topic, you also use images, and also you show the element about it's been talked about.
Amazing work has been done.
I really enjoyed the material! Like others who have commented, it left me wanting more. Great job!!!!


I highly recommend this and its very interesting too. Now I can boast my new knowledge of the elements. Great job and please make more!!!!
Highly recommend for anyone interested in knowing more about elements.
Amazing examples of how these elements work.

By Itbe
Excellent series of vids. My only other thought is that I'd actually like them to be a bit longer and more in depth. BUT, for introducing elemental properties these are fantastic! Sir, may I have some more, please?