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I thought I would listen to “one and done” to hear a favorite speaker but was drawn in by these stories: elegantly brief, full of insight and humor. Now I can’t stop listening!
Not one of the best storytelling podcasts. Listen if you want to hear circular rambling, wet mouth noises, and a super underachieving and trite host.
Stories about science.... After listening for awhile, it makes me think that science = being depressed or traumatized in someway. Story Collider is sort of like the Debbie Downer of podcasts. Its guaranteed to put the glum into any cheery day.
Erin Barker and team do a great job!
These stories are sometimes about science and sometimes loosely have science woven in somehow, but are always full of heart and entertaining.
The science is great, but it's also fantastic storytelling. I look forward to the podcast every week. And I love the hosting of Erin Barker. A little bit of story before the stories is just perfect. I love getting to know our host a little more with each podcast.
Story collider brings exciting, funny, poignant and thoughtful science-related stories into my life every week.
The Story Collider is probably my favorite podcast out there. They use narratives to tell stories about science. Some are more educational than others, but all offer fascinating insight and make science relatable.
They get great storytellers to tell honest, true stories that relate to science in some way or another. Love it!
When they actually discuss scientific issues it’s nice, but the unnecessary narcissistic liberal agenda it seems like every speaker shoves down our throats is too much. Please stick to science!
Love this podcast and the science angle. Storytellers are unique and enjoyable. Ben Lilly is a great host, with great energy. But I tend not to listen if Erin Barker hosts. She has a grating voice and sounds like she is bored.
Love the podcast, hate the voice of the new host.
I absolutely love this podcast. It’s like The Moth for science and math. My dad’s a retired Math Prof, my brothers and husband are in the maths and sciences fields. One daughter is going to college to become a high school math teacher. Another is a vet tech. The third is a manager for a bakery using her math skills every minute as well. I’m a math nerd too of course. More than that though is the human side of using math and science. Knowing how people got to be where they are today is so fascinating. Thank you.
Not every story is a home run, but many thoughtful, intriguing Science stories! A great way to pass the time or keep your brain busy during menial tasks.


By 100079
Good pod
A great presentation of the real humans that care about and do science.
Not in love with the new presenter with the grating voice. Voice lessons maybe?
Some of the stories are pretty interesting, but there are some sloppy sound issues. It’s set with a studio audience, but there are also plenty of loud, distracting background noises that sound very close to the microphone (things like people moving furniture, banging, etc.). A lot of times, I can’t tell if the noises are coming from the podcast or my surroundings. For the most part, I like the actual content, but I also found some of the stories frankly boring, so they could screen their storytellers a little more strictly in my opinion.
I listen to this show every week and love the stories. If you like the Moth and are interested in science, you'll love this show too!
The stories in this podcast are always entertaining and engaging. It’s a flawless companion to The Moth, if you’re a fan of that podcast. If you’re intimidated by the thought of a science-focused program, the storytellers almost always do an excellent job of explaining the relevant concepts in understandable, layman-friendly terms. I love that they’re able to so poignantly express the inherent humanity in the practice of science, which is often dismissed as a cold and calculating profession. Since science affects all of us, this is a show I’ll be recommending to everyone. Great work!
Funny, witty, clever and interesting! Love this podcast, whether it is old or new episodes, all of them are fun to listen to, and every story has its own little pearl of wisdom.
Delightfully addictive story telling! Never the same, ALWAYS interesting. Download one episode and you might just be hooked. #yourewelcome
Do you like The Moth? Do you like Science? Then you will like this podcast.
If you think science is boring, unemotional, and sober I challenge you to listen to this beautiful, emotional, funny, heartbreaking and entertaining podcast. Great human stories!!
I love the short format, it makes it great for commuting. I have related to multiple experiences shared in this podcast. Their live shows are also fantastic!
I love this podcast for its fantastic stories, week after week. I'm an artist who is fascinated with all things scientific and this podcast just gets me. Highly recommended!
I've been a longtime listener. This podcast reliably delivers great stories. If you like the moth, tal etc, you'll like this podcast as well.
In the format change from one story to two per week, the show has lost its grounding. It used to be about science. Now it is the social justice happy hour featuring people related to science. Badly done.
One of my new favorites. Funny, heartbreaking or deeply moving, I end up having learned something about science and something about people.
Love this podcast and the show. Have attended in person in Boston numerous times and have enjoyed each time.
Stories of science, told from all different groups of people, different culture and beliefs and it has quickly become my favorite podcast.
Great stories, very interesting
This podcast puts science better in my reach through personal stories.
One of my first suggestions any time someone asks for a podcast recommendation, The Story Collider consistently produces spectacular content that draws laughter and tears in equal measure.
Just listened to just 2 stories (finally) and I'm hooked on the personal character and warmth. Thanks so much!
The human connection is evident in every single story - where science collides with people. You may be surprised at how loosely some of the episodes are connected to what you might think of as science, but I think that's a great characteristic of the show; it makes science normal and fun and emotional - and about people. More of my reviews are at audible feast dot com!
Love that this podcast makes science and scientists more accessible
Every story that I have listened to is interesting and captivating. It really is a spectacular show.
Love this podcast! For the nerd in all of us (or at least me). Great stories vulnerably shared by by deeply caring, smart people who are curious about the world they live in.
Thanks for all the stories
Very interesting. Well prepared with just the right touch of humor.
The stories are gripping and just the right length. Proves art and science are intrinsically connected.
I found this podcast through an article listing great science podcasts. I was expecting something getting into the gritty detail of science, but I was delightfully wrong. I get giddy whenever I see a new podcast. This is a great mix between scientists and the impact that science has on their outlook and experience on life. I find myself looking into who I want to be as a scientist and a person after I'm done listening. This is my favorite podcast, thank you for giving me months of enjoyment. Forever a happy listener.
I save these up to listen to when I have a few moments. The length of each story is just right- usually under 30 min.
A delightful podcast for those that enjoy both The Moth and science.
It’s exactly what’s advertised! Great stories, and great live shows too.
The Story Collider is the perfect underdog in the podcast universe, a vital antidote to overproduced and advertising-saturated productions like The Moth. This sweet show is a celebration of curiosity and inquiry, humanizing science and the science-minded through the humor and vulnerability of the featured storytellers in short, low-key episodes. Stay sweet, Ben Lillie. Don’t change.
Fun, bite size, stories about science in people's everyday lives.
Not every story is a winner, but most have astounding revelations and insights. Love it