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I normally enjoy this show and appreciate that it has a lining of science to the stories. I enjoy listening to something that can educate or inspire me and possibly change my view point. But I am signing off this podcast after the latest episode with “Dr.” Howard Lieberman. He is not a doctor and admits it in the first sentence, yet goes about telling his Covid story and promoting vaccines as a doctor. While I don’t care if someone promotes Covid vaccines, I care that the show has stooped low enough to dangerously give medical advice from an imposter who even goes as far as saying he is now a specialist. This is absolutely wrong.
This podcast is truly inspirational. As a PhD student in a STEM field myself, I find it can be very difficult to relate my work and passions to those who are not in the same area of research. This podcast is not only entertaining, but really serves to bridge the gap between the science community and the general public in a way that is both engaging and entertaining. My favorite part of the podcast, however, is the host Erin Barker. She is FANTASTIC! Her commentary and personal stories add a whole new level of empathy and comedic relief that really make this podcast stand out from all the others.
There are still great stories being told. It still has good sound and production quality. The hosts are still amiable and enjoyable. Just like anything, it’s not for everybody.


By JSF4096
These stories used to be great. I have now listened to 4 in April 2021 They are no longer worth your time... THEY ARE LOUSY
I LOVE this podcast so much!!!! It’s so great to have a science storytelling show presented to you by someone who knows so much about storytelling like Erin Barker does! A real treat!
I love the stories and the host. The Story Collider never fails to catch my attention. Barker is superb.
I loved the earlier Story Collider episodes. Ben Lillie was a great host, and the stories were all about science. When Erin Barker took over, I’d find myself skipping over her introductions - I love Erin and her obvious love of the material, but not everyone has a voice for radio, which Erin clearly admits. Do some speech therapy to work on that monotone please! And there there was endless chat with a cohost - distracting and silly with all the giggling. And then then presenters changed to have little to do with science- so the Story Collider became kind of “moth lite”. Please consider returning to one host, with a good voice, and stories and science. You had such a great show in the beginning, and now it’s painful to listen to. Thank you Note - I meant to give you 2 stars, not 3, but couldn’t change it.
The show has taken a serious nose dive since exclusively telling redundant stories about Covid. It’s gotten extremely old, and is just a sign of laziness on the part of rhe creators.
Lots of great stories. Some story tellers could use some coaching to eliminate “um, like, but” and to not repeat themselves. That is, get to the point. New hosts chat too much (sorry guys, but too much giggling at yourselves). Despite this criticism, I recommend this podcast!
I do not get hung up on the host’s voice. I do not worry about whether it sounds like a “science” story. I simply like stories. I like variety! I like hearing from the world when I am stuck at home due to the pandemic. More please!
For some reason can't listen to Liz Neeley. Maybe my age is the problem, but she seems to whisper and use her voice in a way that I just can't follow. Had to give up, unfortunately. Other speakers are clear and I'm able to listen to without a problem, which isn't good if your job involves story telling.
Liz Neeley has such a powerful voice. I first heard her recently in the NIH Brain Initiative seminar leading the importance of science narrative. Her benevolence and good nature is enchanting and I absolutely love her approach and appreciation for different people’s perspectives.
Heard Erin Barker’s story on The Moth. Enjoyed her dry humor & unique voice. Looked her up and found-out that she was host of the StoryCollider. Checked the podcast, and I listened to a numbered of Great stories last night. I’ve subscribed, and I’m looking forward to hearing more!
The hosts voice is annoying! The stories are usually fabulous. I would give more stars if I liked the host more. She really makes me want to unfollow this podcast. I keep following for the awesomeness of the story telling.
I loved this podcast ever since I heard it a few years ago, but there have been some changes dragging it downhill. One, the new additional host. Too much chatter that is inconsequential and a bit annoying. And two, the stories more often than not are not actually related to science at all! I hope this podcast take a turn again soon!
I greatly enjoy the science stories but fast forward the hosts inconsequential comments.
As a femaleI I appreciate hearing female hosts (think Terry Gross). But, the new format of “school girls giggling” has me wondering what is going on. Love the stories, hate the new format.
I have listened to this podcast for years and loved it. I would like the two hosts to talked about the science related to the story. Now it is too much giggling.
This show has gone downhill in recent years. It used to actually be about science but now it’s absent in most stories. Really disappointing.
Really not enjoying the giggly girl pal hosts model. Go back to Erin Barker by herself
I’ve loved this podcast for years, but one of the announcers is driving me nuts. I don’t mean to be unkind, but the voice of the woman who has been on for awhile is so incredibly affected and annoying. In my opinion, she doesn’t have a good voice for this type of podcast, and is distracting and chatty. It’s as if she wants to make the stories about her. The other woman who was more recently added, is fine, but I find the small talk really annoying. This was a great podcast, once upon a time.
Love this podcast, but two on mic at beginning is one too many. Keep Erin who is able to do short intros to get to more story time.
Lately have not enjoyed the podcast due to different intro format. Erin & her producer get on the mic with some sort of gab fest between them. Sharing & laughing & taking up air time. Just intro & get to the story please
In the latest episode (9/13), the end of the second story got cut off. I’d love to know what happened! Enjoyed the stories in this episode!
I loved the moth episodes about science so this podcast is tailor made for me. I can never get enough and I just LOVE THE HOST. She is such a real person and open with the audience I love that vulnerability and connection I feel. I hope this podcast continues well into the future!
I use to like this show, long ago it had a lot of interesting storytellers with clear connections to science and told stories connected to their scientific work. Now, the stories don’t seem to have any connection to science. It seems to be more about being sick, getting sick; feeling bad. And I find the new host unpleasant to listen to.
I’m done! I’m deleting you from my library. Every day every episode since March is dropping in my pod list. I enjoy the show but I don’t need to listen to it every day I’ve tried unsubscribing I’ve tried deleting I tried re-subscribing..... Please Stop!!!
I listen to a lot of story podcasts and this one is lacking. The stories are mediocre at best and not well performed, generally speaking. The worst part is the host. Erin Barker is a jerk. She readily shares her opinions about things that have no basis in the science her show claims to support and merrily mocks people who have opinions that differ from her own. Aside from that, she has very pronounced vocal fry and I have yet to hear her get through any of her chatter before and after the segments without nervously giggling the entire time. I have listened to many episodes hoping she would improve, but she doesn't. If you're looking for a good story telling podcast, try Risk or The Moth. This one isn't worth your time.
I tried this podcast while cooking dinner, thinking I’d enjoy it, but I didn’t expect to be so moved that I choked up over my pasta pot, great stuff
Smart, well-told stories from smart, well-spoken people.
I thought I would listen to “one and done” to hear a favorite speaker but was drawn in by these stories: elegantly brief, full of insight and humor. Now I can’t stop listening!
Not one of the best storytelling podcasts. Listen if you want to hear circular rambling, wet mouth noises, and a super underachieving and trite host.
Stories about science.... After listening for awhile, it makes me think that science = being depressed or traumatized in someway. Story Collider is sort of like the Debbie Downer of podcasts. Its guaranteed to put the glum into any cheery day.
Erin Barker and team do a great job!
These stories are sometimes about science and sometimes loosely have science woven in somehow, but are always full of heart and entertaining.
The science is great, but it's also fantastic storytelling. I look forward to the podcast every week. And I love the hosting of Erin Barker. A little bit of story before the stories is just perfect. I love getting to know our host a little more with each podcast.
Story collider brings exciting, funny, poignant and thoughtful science-related stories into my life every week.
The Story Collider is probably my favorite podcast out there. They use narratives to tell stories about science. Some are more educational than others, but all offer fascinating insight and make science relatable.
They get great storytellers to tell honest, true stories that relate to science in some way or another. Love it!
When they actually discuss scientific issues it’s nice, but the unnecessary narcissistic liberal agenda it seems like every speaker shoves down our throats is too much. Please stick to science!
Love this podcast and the science angle. Storytellers are unique and enjoyable. Ben Lilly is a great host, with great energy. But I tend not to listen if Erin Barker hosts. She has a grating voice and sounds like she is bored.
Love the podcast, hate the voice of the new host.
Not every story is a home run, but many thoughtful, intriguing Science stories! A great way to pass the time or keep your brain busy during menial tasks.


By 100079
Good pod
A great presentation of the real humans that care about and do science.
Some of the stories are pretty interesting, but there are some sloppy sound issues. It’s set with a studio audience, but there are also plenty of loud, distracting background noises that sound very close to the microphone (things like people moving furniture, banging, etc.). A lot of times, I can’t tell if the noises are coming from the podcast or my surroundings. For the most part, I like the actual content, but I also found some of the stories frankly boring, so they could screen their storytellers a little more strictly in my opinion.
I listen to this show every week and love the stories. If you like the Moth and are interested in science, you'll love this show too!