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I love/loved this show, where have you gone Gary & Christine? With this show you have made me aware how much reef keeping has changed since I practiced it some 15 years ago. Having listened to all your episodes, you leave me wanting more shows now that I am entering the hobby once again. (Thanks to you).
The show has been on hiatus for awhile. I recently went back ad re-listened to a few episodes and it really hit home how much I miss it. I started listening when it was Gary and Sarah, was there when Christine joined, and have listened to all episodes at least once. They started with a simple idea of discussing forum topics and it grew to be so much more. Interesting topics explored in depth, great interviews, sound effects (the boxing round bell stuck with me), and most importantly two friends sharing their love of the hobby in a way that made me feel like I was on the couch next to them. No other reef podcast came close and I haven’t found any other hobby podcast in their class either. My weekly dose of reef talk helped keep me on top of my maintenance and gave me so many great ideas. I have a fork on the end of my siphon tube right now. I hope all is well with Gary and Christine. I would love to hear an update on the status of the show even if it were just to say that it is officially over. For any reefers that have not given it a listen there is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment here. I miss you both.
Was really informative and a great listen. Wish they still did the show
Thank you for putting this podcast out into the world. Christine and Gary are the dynamic duo of the reef podcasting world.
This podcast is awesome. The production is super basic, but the content is absolutely top notch.
This podcast is a weekly show hosted by Gary and Christina. Both have their own styles and opinions on the reef hobby. Just being honest. Sometimes the show feels a little short and non informative.
Love the show. Keep up the good work!
I listen every week. Look forward to each new show. Great job.
Great job! Only reef podcast that does not put me to sleep. Excellent topics.


Great show :)
Fantastic reefin' information, and fun to listen to. I wish the episodes were longer!
Awesome podcast, very informative, I have learned alot, thanks!
Finally an engaging and informative podcast about reefkeeping. The updates are consistant and the hosts are knowledgable and entertaining.
I listen to lots of podcasts, both reef and non-reef related, and this is definitely in my top three favorites! The topics are always interesting and timely and the approach of discussing threads from forums is unique. It's also nice Gary and Sara are honest with the listeners and admit they sometimes have difficulties with their tanks, just like we all do. Keep up the great work!
I'm really enjoying this podcast. I listen to it while driving home from work, which puts me in a great "fish" mood so I really get into my tank when I get home. The info and links that they talk about are relevant to anyone that's into keeping a reef tank.
Just wanted to say I really enjoy this podcast and it has taught me a ton. I really hope this goes on for a long time very entertaining. Great job you 2 keep up the great work your doing alot of good for this hobby.
I have to turn my PC speakers all the way up to hear the content.
Keep them going a++