The Mascot Wedding Show

Reviews For The Mascot Wedding Show

That's right. David and Mac will cheer you up and make you laugh, even when you're down in the dumper. Where else are you going to hear from guests such as Rikembe Mutombo (brother of Dikembe) and his sister Shikembe, former UT Battle Cattle football coach Mack Brown, the ghost of pro-wrestling's Paul Bearer, and of course Mac's incorrigible brother Calvin. Also, these guys have some of the most engaging discussions about movies, tv, sports, hypotheticals, music, comedy, and terrible people that we all encounter in life.
David and Mac’s rapport is effortless, engaging, and hilarious from start to finish every week. This is companionship radio at its finest, and I look forward to every show!
I frequently listen to the Hodgecast from Charlie Hodge and after running out of episodes to listen to I stumbled upon your podcast simply by typing Charlie Hodge into the itunes search. Listened to it and fell in love. Great show guys, looking forward to listening to more.
While it clearly borrows an awful lot from Tom Scharpling, Jon Wurster and The Best Show on WFMU, I've enjoyed what I've heard of Mascot Wedding. The guys are entertaining and generally keep their stories and banter interesting. They do an amazingly good job of replicating the Scharpling & Wurster style when it comes to fake guests and callers, which is no easy task. This is no substitute for the Best Show, but it is a worthwhile listen with potential. Keep it up, guys!