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Years of experience, total knowledge of the game past and present, wit and warmth-it doesn’t get much better for an NFL fan-
The have changed one of the hosts. Charles Dagnall is the new guy and not a good fit. Old fashioned blowhard with very little to offer. Hope for change again soon.
Great Podcast. Best NY Jets info.
Yes, I do get a kick out of hearing the British accents discussing NFL, but they're entertaining in their own right and they know a lot about the details of every team. And they're professional "presenters" (to use a Briitish term, i'm American :-). Sounds like they've been following NFL for decades.
When the 2011 playoffs started i enjoyed this podcast. Then it stopped loading. Always fails before i can listen now, have tried for a month now. Is this blocked in US?
A different take on all things NFL