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I admit it’s a little hard for me to follow without any background in philosophy or the classics. But Peter has my favorite podcasting voice and usually brings a couple of good one liners to each show. He sounds like the kind of guy you’d want to spend time with.


What other podcasts can I listen to from the Dr. ? He’s excellent and I continue to learn. Thank you!
This is a very detailed overview of philosophy in close to a chronological order. This podcast goes through just about all of the ancient philosophers. There are some philosophers he doesn't dicuss in as much detail, but he typically spends multiple episodes on all of the major philosophical movements through each time period. If you've ever wondered what happened between aristotle and descartes, this is the podcast for you. Just don't actually expect a discussion of Descartes. At the rate this podcast is progressing, it will probably reach him some time in 2030.
Always did like the without the gaps shows looking forward to hearing Peter again.
This series is truly staggering imho. Peter is a serious scholar. I am not personally aware of a more comprehensive series on the history of philosophy inna podcast form. As an an undergraduate philosophy major returning for a refresher 30 years hence much of this is familiar, but his treatment is fresh, and part of an intellectual framework that fills in many gaps in my exposure in an accessible way with a minimum of academic jargon. He also brings in guest scholars, all of whom are gifted in their own right if a bit more guilty of chasing into more esoteric areas of their disciplines. Highly recommended for fans of intellectual history and seeking a great grounding in a very easy to consume format.
This podcast has sparked in me an unhealthy obsession with reading lesser known philosophers. Thank you!
It would be more helpful to connect the concepts to objects in an everyday way.
The content is very good, but the reader speaks in a sing-song, tiresome rhythm. His tone is fine but he reads like a dead textbook.
This is one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Professor Adamson has set himself a weighty task--to provide a history of philosophy without any gaps. His tremendous task is undertaken with a clear, affable, and, at times, comic style. I highly recommend!
Thoughtful, accessible, and thorough. I have never taken a class in philosophy but have always been interested. This is a great intro to everything.
Peter Adamson seems to have a deep knowledge of an incredibly broad range of branches in philosophy and is an extremely engaging presenter. Can’t beat that with a stick...


By Mjb1286
Love it all. Takes me back to my school days.
I grew up with Brittanica's Great Books series. This podcast is like an audio, secondary text version of that — but far more inclusive, cuz, ya know: no gaps. Thanks Peter et al!
This is such an amazing podcast, and a huge project! This is a public service.
Always makes u think
This is certainly one of my favorite podcast, because it is so well-written and informative. You will learna ton, and have a good time learning it!
Does what it says on the tin. This gent deserves a medal for his mettle. A++
One of my favorite podcasts!
I can't believe that Peter Adamson is actually able to do this. He has set himself the task of speaking about the entire history of western philosophy, from Thales to the present, without skipping ANYTHING. His discussions are clear and concise, and he has a real gift for making complex philosophical ideas understandable to a layperson. Highly, highly recommended!
As with all of Peter's episodes he enlightens his audience with a look back on how this latest round of elections would fit the history of philosophy. How would Plato writings reflect current events. Subscribe and find out.
and I find this educational, helpful and easy to follow. I'm so grateful for the existance of this podcast and podcasts like it, making knowledge accessible to folks like me.


By Acs3603
I admit I had to stop listening to this podcast after the first episode...because you completely disregarded the essence of the Plato's message. I felt like it was completely dismissed without any other interpretation. Plato is the father of philosophy.
This podcast is brilliant and helps one learn about different philosophical schools, figures and arguments. In other words, if you want to get into philosophy, this is podcast is the doorway.
Peter Adamson has done such an amazing job over the years. I hope anyone and everyone at least gives this podcast a chance. It will do them a world of good.
I hesitate to call Peter Adamson "Professor Adamson" as other reviewers have done. It calls to mind an image of a dry college lecture. This podcast is not that. This podcast will theoretically cover all of the history of philosophy before it is done, and I only hope that the professor will remain healthy, committed, and supported to see it through to its completion. As a layman in philosophy, this is an amazing tour through the history of philosophical thought, which of course includes "natural philosophy" - physics, logic, etc. - in addition to the more esoteric fields. Using a combination of puns (so many puns!), giraffes, and Buster Keaton, ancient thought is explained in a way that the 21st century mind can easily grasp. Listening to this podcast is like auditing a course on the history of philosophy - no tests, and no homework! I don't anticipate that I will be able to tell my Anaximander from my Anaximines or my Abu Bakr al-Razi from my Abu Hatim al-Razi at the end, but Professor Adamson makes it a good story, and if nothing else it makes my commute go by quickly. If you enjoy history, you will no doubt enjoy the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps.
Love the podcaster's tone. Thoughtful and right to the point. I love the little jokes that he works in there. Great questions put to his guest on Epicurianism. Thanks Peter!
Wonderfully accessible and clear. Also, surprisingly addicting. Thanks so much for creating this fantastic podcast!
So, I started a history of philosophy mooch through coursera, which I didn't finish, (I've never finished a mooc) anyway, they recommended this podcast and it sat in my feed for a few years before I finally checked it out and boy am I glad I took that mooc, even if guiding me to this podcast was all that came out of it. This podcast is entertaining, informative, and hilarious. Peter is a great writer/speaker and if I ever get a chance to attend a talk given by him, you can bet I'll do my best to be there.
Truly a work of art! Enough said!
I have listened to all of the episodes the past couple months and have found them very helpful. Peter does a great job at taking the ideas of the various philosophers in their time and not diminishing the views from a contemporary perspective. If you are looking to gloss over the history of philosophy, then you will not find a better podcast! Naturally, you won't find completely comprehensive dealings with topics/philosophers because it is focusing on the history of thought. However, in light of this, Peter does a great job of giving a very thorough introduction to these philosophers, their ideas, and some counter points. Don't be disappointed that it does not go deep as you would like about a certain thinker/topic! But use it as a springboard to go deeper yourself. Thoroughly enjoy this podcast and I have learned a lot! Humbled to realize the legacy of thought.
Perhaps the most accessible introduction philosophy in the Islamic world in English. Engaging, funny, and worth a listen.
Informative series on the history of human thought.
Just found this podcast, and I'm in love. It's incredible not only to imagine the goal being achieved here, but the conversational tone that Professor Adamson manages throughout what will eventually be hundreds of hours of philosophical dissection. That's how you take down an elephant: one bite-sized morsel at a time. Great work!
There are philosophers throughout history than I expected, and Peter Adamson gives each his (or her) day in the sun. Of course biggies like Aristotle get much more than a day. Each podcast is clearly presented, well organized, and not too technical. The tone is light, with the occasional bad pun, giraffe story, or tidbit about Adamson’s non-existent sister, but he treats each subject with seriousness and respect. I have been listening to these for months on my daily walking commute, and always look forward to them.


I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this amazing content.
If you got here you are already a lucky person. Now, don't be a fool and make sure you click on the Subscribe button on the left. This is an awesome podcast and I can only thank Peter for embracing such an ambitious project. He's definitely serious about the "without any gaps" thing. Yet, he's witty, clear, concise, precise and complete. Enjoy and learn a ton!


By Sheyyda
This is really informative, fun and easy to follow.
As a law major who takes a deep concern in philosophy matters I was surprised by the humor and accuracy of Peter’s account of philosophy. You cannot go any better than listening to him, it’s just great.
As usual, I arrived to this podcast late and had the pleasure of racing through as many episodes as I culd to catch up. Now I must look forward to each new episode. This is one of the few podcasts I keep to replay.
This series provides a great survey of philosophy with verve, wit, and humor.
every episode is interesting.
I'm close to completing my second round of listening to the podcast episodes, and my next time around, I plan on taking notes. The author covers much information in under thirty minutes and sometimes I pause it and replay some parts over. This podcast has expanded my knowledge of the history of philosophy and has motivated me to delve into some of the topics more deeply by reading the source material of themes I am particularly keen on. Thank you Professor Adamson.
Sir, you have the both of them. I'm somewhat disappointed that you didn't achieve the hat trick by abstaining from eating beans.
...I really do. But could someone email me when he gets to the episode when he talks about what Avicenna had for breakfast on March 21, 1022? Cause THAT was watershed moment.
I originally came here for the metaphysics of giraffes, but I stayed for the philosophy.
Thank you for this precious gift.
Without any gaps is a daring promise, but what a success. Very few people could bridge the gaps in an audience's expectations as they are here. From the familiar Greeks in surprising depth to the less well understood (till now) Romans, Peter Adamson then follows the threads of western philosophy into the Arabic period, a step so complex and, to many, uncomfortable, that most surveys gloss over this crucial period. But don't worry, he gives us the full tour of the great and rich Arabic-language philosophies in their own right. A fascinating listen for anyone who wants to better understand our trials at understanding.
Very nice delivery, very accessible .. some reviewers say it’s like a college lecture, I can see that putting some people off (like me had I read the reviews prior to listening for a while..) … I would say they are more like well told stories about great thinkers . Peter Adamson is just great!