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I'm reviewing McNeil and Parkins here. I especially love some of the great guests they regularly have on the show such as Hub Arkush and Len Kasper. I like the hosts for the most part, too, and usually listen to the thoughts they kick around after wrapping up with the guests.
Great show - both dans’ are funny and witty
The podcast labeled 10/24 - hour four, Can't Do It, Jim Nance interview, is not the right podcast. Please fix it, I missed the Jim Nance interview and Parkins has been talking it up ever since!
McNeil is spoiled, and thinks he’s entitled to be in the radio business. I like it better when parkins is solo.
Can’t wait for these guys to get a few months in a row together. Parkins sounds great now that he doesn’t have to worry about his old partner’s hurt feelings all the time. -Former Heavy Fuel Crew listener.
Could you change the picture? No offense because I wouldn’t look any better. But I liked when it was the logo.
Ever since Matt Spiegel was fired and the station got shaken up it’s all bad!
A podcast is really useless two or three days later, by then everything is old news. But when I get out of work at six and all of the shows first three hours are already loaded I can’t wait to listen to them.
Simply the best radio show/podcast(sports or otherwise). Funny, smart and irreverent.
Having lived in Boston area, New York area, and now Chicagoland, this is by far best sports radio show of them all.
Best sports radio show ever!!!
Entertaining show that isn’t afraid to talk about anything. Enjoy the idiots, enjoy the show, having fun as a listener. Honest and fair, essential pulse of Chicago fans.
An institution
I think Dan would be better off solo. I liked Jason until he came on with Dan. It just doesn’t work. I can’t listen to an overprivileged guy from Evanston use the word “crib” as slang for “house”. What year is this? I think when you have a child who has an actual crib, it may be time to give up on the slang version...and attempting to be 1994. I don’t know how Laurence Holmes doesn’t have a daytime slot. Easily the most talented person they have.


Was a Boers and Bernstein listener for 10 years. Gave the new show a try for 2 months. Show is now more about race and politics. Goff I thought would be a good replacement, I was wrong!!
Still good even after Terry left.
Thrilled for new show. Love these two, glad to see them together. All the best for success as a new tandem.
Smart, witty, real, sometimes childish...perfect blend for an always entertaining and relevant show for sports fans with their own logic based opinions. This show is fun and the hours fly by. Keep up the great work! Caller Ann and I are still waiting for the score of the Rams game. - Edward Giangrosso
Used to enjoy this show. Now they stopped incorporating sound effect drops on their podcast edition! How can get my 83 fix? These are the guys who created 83 Nation, what gives?
I enjoy listening to the podcast!
This is the best show on radio! The segments they have are great and bring a different perspective than the usual sports talk show.
Great show, and best sports radio show in chicago and possibly the country. But something is wrong with the way podcasts are showing, I can't auto download the latest podcasts anymore , I have to manually download from the podcast store, please fix!!!
If I had to rate this show on a scale of 0-5 slices of pie, I'd give it a 7.
Best show on the radio 10 yrs running, love these guys!
Love these guys. Listen to them everyday. Might not be the most friendly personalities, but they're nothing if not entertaining.
but the amount of time it takes for these podcasts to be up is ridiculously slow and unacceptable. How difficult is it to have these up right away (i.e. within an hour after that particular segment was broadcast)? Quite often I can't listen live via radio and phone reception is too spotty to listen via streaming app. The solution? Podcasts would be, if they were ever consistently available quickly enough.
If you love listening to two arrogant jerks this is the perfect show for you!
Can not listen during the day so I really appreciate the podcast as I love this show. However I just don't understand the inability to get this done in a timely manner. I would pay a monthly subscription for this service happily. But then I would demand competence on the uploads. I've found myself uploading the entire shows from up the dial because they are there. Please don't drive listeners away, unlike me some may not return
At Diddler's, at T.B. Diddler's, the person who uploads the podcasts is lost at T.B. Diddler's. He is having so much fun at T.B. Diddler's....
Love the show but for the love if God can someone please handle the podcasts in a consistent and timely manner? This is getting ridiculous.
Matt Bowen is up next hour. What? the podcast is missing. Somebody fix this. Sometimes they put the missing hour after two or three days, but last week it never happened. I miss Matt Bowen
No seriously. I used to passionately wish for undesirable circumstances to remove them from the air, if not the planet. The thing is...I kept tuning in. Again. And again. Until one day I suddenly awoke to my secret shame...I 'liked' them. Now it's not that I don't disagree with them Dan makes me literally scream at my radio sometimes. However, they are NOT homers - if their team is flawed, they're going to be honest about it. They were out in front of almost all of the Penn State stuff. I've grown accustomed to their seemingly random idiotic segments and unusual producing methods, and now find myself unable to not listen to the show, despite having moved 1200 miles away. All this to say I finally had to ask myself Who Am I Crapping? and acknowledge that I am a fan. Give it a whirl.
This show has been on the air for ten years. In that time Dan and Terry have created a following of fans that likely will continue to listen even if they take their talents elsewhere (which I don't think they ever will). I echo the sentiments of a another when I say give the show time. Once u are in lock step with the content I believe you will be hard pressed to find a more entertaining, honest and opinionated sports radio talk show. There is no one like them in the Midwest. They are clearly the leaders in this format.
Is Mike from Milwaukee handling podcast uploads as well as doing his weekly football picks? Always with this crap- c'mon!!!
Love the show, but the inconsistency of the podcasts being uploaded is very frustrating.
Probably the most polarizing podcast that I have ever listened to. I think they're great. They really know their stuff, and are incredibly funny. I know they don't have much patience with callers they don't agree with (especially Dan), but I really look forward to listening to them every weekday. Kaner!
Amazingly intelligent. Not for the standard Neanderthal sports fan, but those callers do provide great entertainment.
Hilarious and surprisingly intelligent show
Started listening eight years ago and haven't stopped laughing. I seek their analysis before anyone else, especially the Booyas.


By Henball
Best 4 some, bycracky
Great show funny, real, and provides variety
Love that now due to new work schedule I have the podcasts to keep me up to date with Terry, Dan & Jason's hijinks & can skip thru all of the long winded pompous Lawrence Holmes segments & fill-ins.
Now living out of Chicago, thanks to technology I catch every show on my phone via Podcast. Would only prefer they abbreviate the titles so I can see what each listing actually contains! How about B&B??
Real. Smart. Funny.
I have been listening to this show for the last 10 years and it still entertains me today as it did back then.
Insightful but childish. Objective but sophomoric. Sports-centered but multi-topical. Basically, these guys are perfect! I've been listening to B & B for a decade and they never get old or boring. And thanks to the podcasts, I can listen down in Middle Tennessee. All in all, the best radio show around.
and was lucky enough to hear the "Who Ya Crappin'?" segment as well as a few hours before. You've gained a fan. We need you in Nashville.
How come the fifth hour from 5/2/11 is missing?