Reviews For The MVMNT

I live in Virginia and ran across these podcasts one day. They are amazing the messages are so real and challenge and help me on a daily basis. I listen to them whenever I get the chance and I am so glad they make these podcasts! Continue doing good work. You are changing lives through spreading God's Word. God Bless! :)
Pastor Dustin rocks me out of compliance every time is listen to his podcast! If you listen to these podcasts, get ready to know Jesus for real.
This is, by far, the best podcast you could ever subscribe to. It's for the teen who doesn't know who to turn to; it's for the young adult who hasn't had the right start as a kid; it's for the "empty Christian" just going through the movements; it's for the person, no matter what age, that has the capacity to think about anything but doesn't know everything.


By WDWluvr
I don't even go to church here, but I have been listening to these podcasts and I am being changed by each one! Pastor Dustin has encouraged me to grow in my faith and tell others about God, and he has no clue who I am. How cool is that? :) Must listen!! So powerful.
Must Listen bro! Can't afford not too...


By xDlove
This ministry is the best by far. I have never been this close to God and I love to see others loving God also. It is just AMAZING!!! Love it xD
This is only the best church to go to paster D is amazing! It has changed my life! If your in Allen you should come and have God come into your life!
Not a boring lecture but a funny live changing message!
The Mvmnt is a crazy awesome youth ministry (not a youth group, youth ministry) that is changing people's lives. It's changed mine, I'm watching God move in so many lives, and it's all because the Mvmnt planted the seed and lit a fire in these students, this generation needs powerful speakers such as Pastor Dustin to speak into these students lives and raise this generation up to the place where they belong as a holy and Godly generation.
The MVMNT shows students that God SPEAKS to us in a real way and that He has a call and plan for our life. Pastor Dustin doesn't preach about a half-hearted, lukewarm, Christianity, but living for an all consuming, powerful God who shows up in our lives and wants to encounter us in a crazy way!!
I thought I was a good enough Christian, and that I was doing fine in life, then, I came to the MVMNT and realized there's so much more to life than saying I'm christian and doing the right thing. I've gone every week since I've found it, and I'm proud to say that I now have a close, personal relationship with God and am on FIRE for him! Oh, how he loves us! DOWNLOAD THESE! They willl change your life.
Powerful and Life-Changing! If your tired religion, The MVMNT Podcast helps revive, challenge, and stretch your relationship with Jesus Christ! You won't regret listening!
I go every Wednesday and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful it is! God is doing some crazy powerful things with this generation! Pastor Dustin is truly inspiring and always goes all the way! :).
Dustin is truly an inspiration and the MVMNt as a whole is blessed to have him as our youth pastor. God is speaking through him and changing our generation! Were on fire, and it's just going to continue to grow as we bring more students in to know the lord. The MVMNT is where it's AT!
The Mvmnt is a youth church that is blazing hot for the reality of life with God. They take the hard words that Pastor D serves them every week and they respond with passion, surrender and change. Though none go with me still will I follow.
Pastor Dustin and the rest of the MVMNT crew is incredible and God is truly speaking to everyone who goes. Truly inspiring and helps me every week! I've downloaded all 51 podcasts and seen most of them!
The Mvmnt is not just a group of students that meet weekly for a "feel good" word on prosperity. Pastor Dustin Bates does not believe in a watered down Gospel. The students are challenged to get out of their comfort zones and be radical for the things of God. Students are encouraged to move from salvation to sanctification and walk in freedom, power, and authority! It is clear that Pastor Dustin is on fire for the Lord! If you are ever in the area you should most definitely check it out.
The MVMNT is absolutely life changing! Pastor Dustin is on fire for God and gives amazing messages! He doesn't sugar coat anything, at the MVMNT we just say it like it is. If your ready for something different, not just drive through Christianity, then listen to these podcasts!!
The MVMNT is on fire!! God is showing up BIG TIME in the lives of all our students. Pastor Dustin is a man of God who has been obedient to his calling and the results have been insane! The messages are incredibly convicting, and nothing but true! We get the full word of God spoken to us on a weekly basis and I know it's not just changing my life, but the lives of many others. Check out this podcast and I promise you won't regret it!
Pastor Dustin is the man!!!
The gratest group to be a part of. The only thing I look forward to on Wednesdays !
Love this podcast! Pastor Dustin Bates is blunt and down to earth. He'll put it all out there and challenge you to grab ahold of a God not bound up by religious ideals but One discovered through personal relationship. Subscribe and you'll see what I mean.
The mvmnt is an amazing youth church that is on fire for the things of God! Dustin Bates leads us in amazing sermons! Listen to these podcast, you won't regret it!(:
The MVMNT is an amazing youth gathering! Dustin is authentic and doesn't water down the truth. The inerrant Word of God is preached in a way that I've never experienced before. As a mom of two teenagers who attend the MVMNT, I, myself, am challenged every time I hear Dustin speak. Download this podcast and listen today! You will never be the same again!
pastor d is literally one of the MOST influencial and inspiring youth pastors ever! his messages are always convicting, life changing, and always 100% truth. you can't go wrong listening to these podcasts, because God is doing AMAZING things in the hearts of everyone who hears pastor dustin preach! i promise, you won't regret listening to any one of these podcasts!
this podcast is AMAZING and life changing. this church knows what's up and has helped me spiritually in such a way that i never would've even imagined. words cannot describe how awesome pastor Dustin is and how alive and great Jesus is. the one true God is out there people! and He loves us so much! download this podcast, you won't regret it.
The mvmnt is a relevant and powerful student ministry in Allen, Tx for jr high through college aged. It does not water down the Gospel at all and everyone there is passionately in love with Jesus and not ashamed by Him or His name!
Pastor Dustin Is an anointed and inspiring preacher, His messages are always challenging and Bible based words from God. If you want to be inspired, challenged and called to a higher standard then download all of these sermons, now. You can't afford to miss the word of God for your life.