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I love it wow so funny
Whose idea is it to keep bringing this bit back? You even try to be relevant and slam republicans in your raps and it’s a sports rap. Everything is just not good about this I’m sorry. Everyone at work just turns it off right away and it stays off. trying to help you out!
Over the top and ridiculous, exactly what I want! Rhea and and Al of course keep it all under control. The only place to go for all of the city’s head coaches and best beat reporters and personalities. Love it!
Best sports radio show! Lifelong listener and still is funny, informative and inquisitive after so many great years! Love the gang, Uncle Angelo, Al, Rhea, Jonesy, Ava, Tank and the crew!
Good, but what’s wrong with you WIP people. Why can’t you get us podcast users sound on some clips? That’s very disconcerting.
Great way to stay in touch with Philadelphia sports on the best sports show. However, frequently when clips are played they are dropped from on the podcast with no explanation while other times they are there.
Angelo continues to entertain and this podcast is great for catching up on all the latest in Philly sports. Great interviews and funny moments. (You guys need to fix the fact that you can't hear played-back sound bites in the podcasts, though). I don't get to listen live in the morning anymore but stay connected via this podcast. 5 stars.
Episodes daily with great interviews and guests. Producers/ Interns: You need to remember to use the feed when Angelo plays an audio clip. It used To be forgotten occasionally, now it’s forgotten more than half the time. With that I would give it five stars
I love listening to the show in the morning and I would download the podcast if I missed it but I'm not downlaoding 10 files just to catch up on 1 show. Please condense the shows into a single file. Until then I'll listen on the radio when I can but will never download a podcast.
BEST SPORTS SHOW IN PHILLY. Angelo understands the fans, Al is Al, Rhea provides a local perspective, and Jonesy gives great insight from an athletes' pov. Lots of great guests on every day to break down all the pressing topics in Philly sports and also Joe Conklin audio bits to make it funny. Makes my mornings much better. They created wing bowl need I say more?
he is the best bar none i dont know how anyone can not like him


By Fitty76
Angelo Cataldi is a poor man's Skip Bayless. Stay away if you want intelligent sports talk.
Entertaining podcast. Doses of sports intellect, but more focused on entertaining the listeners, rather than providing information related to sports. Just my critical analysis, still, a great Philadelphia sports podcast and I will continue to download having moved out of the area. You can also check out 610 on iTunes radio. One other complaint is that it doesn't scrobble right to LastFM ...
Cataldi is the best sports radio guy in the country. PERIOD.