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Can you PLEASE go to podcasts of the FULL SHOW. Its so ANNOYING that my favorite show on radio DOES NOT allow me to listen to the full show. Instead I have to settle for segmented clips. Its VERY FRUSTRATING. Can you PLEASE change this. The other station has done this, YOUR fans need you to do this as well. 👎🏽
I love being able to listen to the podcasts in the car- they’re fantastic My only issue is that when the podcasts download, they can be out of order so if you could number them on the title, that would be great.
As much as I want to listen to WIP being in NY I have to choose between podcasts and I have been listening to Fanatic since it's full episodes. I can't do this clip bologna. If you want full shows go to the Fanatic!
Share the whole show....97.5 and other major shows do it. Noone wants little clips.
Release your show as your show not segments. I can't listen live and want to hear the whole show. 97.5 figured this out years ago. You do it for other shows. Why not this one?
I originally heard Josh when he was with Sports Radio 610 AM in Houston, Texas. I got to meet him while he was on a remote broadcast at a sports bar in Sugar Land, Texas(A suburb of Houston). He is a high energy radio host. Josh takes some chances that others don't, this makes him unique. Josh is a good interviewer as well.
We NEED the full show to be podcasted! I only get to catch the last 10 to 30 mins of the show anymore because of my work schedule! These segments are cool but I really want the nuggets that are dropped throughout the full show too!


this guys knowlage about philly sports is as about as questionable as skip bayless still having a job
This program is great. I love Josh, very funny and entertaining. So glad he's in Philly. Andy, please put FULL broadcasts on itunes. None of this segmented bs.


By Juemad
You have to name your episodes.