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Been listening for a while and this show still sounds like really bad, unfocused subjects, same material every week, d**k head host, hiphopgamer talks way to long.... and again poor sound quality!
fanboys. Too long and too unfocused. Very anti-Sony. Eff these guys.


By rae718
the best videogame podcast out
Best podcast out
So is this where I comment about getting the extra copy of Ferrai racer? If it available I'll take it.
Dragon is hilarious. Keep him on the show since hhg has moved on to bigger opportunities.
Been listening for a few years one of the few podcasts that allows for real talk not some canned 5 minute discussion. Keep it up Tor ! 3 hours or plus? Yes Please Needs more Ice and Hated. The show's better without hip hop gamer


This used to be a good podcast, now it just puts me to sleep literally. All they do is talk about call of duty and battlefield for 3 hrs. Week after week it's the same thing. The only good thing they have going for this show is HipHop gamer.
The warzone is the only gaming podcast that I know that gets the community involved live while recording and that right there my friends can result in one hell of a show
The best gaming podcast in the universe. Batman motherfu****
This podcast is great
I've been listening to this pod for about 2 years now. I gotta say that I enjoy every minute. Their some of the most funny and entertaining people in the industry. Especially when HopHop gets heated up at someone. Very recommended. By the way Tor, If your reading this where is John Shaw and I missed what happened to Spinny. And where is Brainbasher? Keep up the excellent work!


By WzalldY
The title says it all