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I just found this podcast and I love how you have niched down and are working such a specific target. Keep up the good work.
This podcast is not the usual podcast that I listen to. But I enjoyed listening to it. Thank you Angela for sharing inspirational advices and empowering your listeners with your show.
i love that you have all kinds of guests on here, Angela! great podcast.
I really like what I hear so far. You're really pushing into topics I have never explored. I'll be subscribing to check out more.
So different that what i normally listen to. Found it very insightful! Cant wait to listen to more.
Lots of amazing insights and food for thought. Well done!
I think you can find a great deal of good and bad patterns in your life listening to this show. Its almost like a scientific formula for your daily habits. I enjoy this show and I know you will to as you learn to make better choices in your daily routines.
Wow....I'm blown away by the knowledge and research you've done on such a deep topic. I love your personal stories and your outlook! Definitely will keep listening!
Wow this podcast reminds me about my mom she used to be a hospice nurse and always told me when her patience saw Angels come to get them just before they died this really hit home, good job at touching me emotionally you don't want to miss an episode, very inspiring !
Angela is a great host and covers this intriguing yet often misunderstood topics with ease. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks.
If you are on the fence about alternative versions of healing. Please give this show a try. Angela and her guests do a great job of providing inspirational and insightful advice.
Angela does a great job of asking the right questions! I loved her interviewing style, it made me feel like I had a better understanding of her guests. I particularly liked her interview with Taylor White. Keep up the great work!
Some very interesting stuff on here. Definitely opens the mind.
I can always appreciate excellent production values, this show certainly has that. I also enjoy the subject matter, no matter how one happens to view the world, that view of the world will be incomplete no matter what. Keep an open mind and re-learn, like a child, to explore the world around, once again.
Super interesting show! Great content, I love listening to the different perspectives of the guests and learning about world religions.
great show, shows that we truly have countless possibilities to do almost anything. mind over matter, right?
I could always use more balance in my life, and I appreciate the information in this podcast.
Great Stuff Angela. I love the topic and the way you deliver the show. Totally a fan!
A different perspective. If you’re into new age or paranormal stuff, you’ll enjoy it. Will give you something to think about.
Angela is kind, generous, and truly cares about her listeners’ health and well-being. This show might have just the insight and clarity you’ve been searching for. - Joel and Dr. Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch!


Love the intro, John Lee Dumas´ and music. Fits the podcast well. Very fascinating and interesting!
Great information and awesome guests! I love how this podcast encourages listeners to have body, mind and spirit balance, and achieve inner healing.
Full of inspiration on ways to improve the quality of your life in a variety of different ways.
This is a really interesting podcast with insights into health and wellness as well as what we seek out in life. A lot of great value to take from every episode!'s such a interesting show. I love to hear more about spiritually, thoughts, mind and etc. This is definitely my fav show now. A MUST listen.
Great podcast and very different from many that are out there on the market! What a great find.
Excellent podcast, love the variety of guests and content provided here.. Keep it going Angela.
Very glad to hear about your journey and the vulnerability you bring forth!!! Not easy getting in to those topics of course but so worth it and i’d like to say thank you :-)
She demystifies having psychic and/or intuitive skills, explaining these are abilities not “gifts.”... - excellent!
Found this podcast and can’t wait to catch up and listen to all the episodes. Keep them coming Angela. Thanks for a great show!
Empowering content. Please continue to share.
This podcast is interesting because it's trying to go on an age old quest to find truth and asking honest questions many have.
The topics are interesting and full of ideas!
Wow....what a great show. The topic is really interesting and the interviews are inspiring. A MUST listen.
i love this show, so much to learn!!
A very cool podcast. Angela does a real service in challenging a lot of conventional ideas. Jim Duane
I’ve always been fascinated by the parapsychology and spiritual gifts. This is very interesting information that is opening my mind to the possibilities.
Hey Angela. I like what you are doing. Impressive intro with JLD @ EOF.
The information in this podcast really made me want to dig deeper into my psche! I realized that I am woefully uneducated about my own mind. It is way more powerful than I ever gave it credit for. Great information! Keep up the good work!
I appreciate what Angela is doing here which is to bring the discussion of spirituality and parapsychology out into the open, and to honor the power of our thoughts to impact and create our reality! This is powerful! Thank you.
A range of different subjects and information to expand your mind. Interesting! Listen. :)
Can't help but learning all I can about the what brings peace and well being in our lives. I may not agree with everything here, which is why I need to keep listening! I believe in opening my mind to what's possible, and since I don't know everything that is possible, this show helps bridge the gap between my disbelief and my curiosity. Excellent stuff!
Thanks Angela. This show is really interesting. I'll be following.
What a great show looking at life from a variety of angles. Love the insight that the show provides.
I enjoyed listening to this - really outside my day-to-day but I love that about it. So important to expand your mind and really consider whether your ideas could use some updating!
A podcast on transpersonal healing! I've always wondered and loved learning about the world of psychics. I have visited many psychics myself and they are quite spot on . What is great about Angela Lynne Gibson is that she includes the tools to self-healing which is invaluable.
Transformation is a life journey… you must always keep up with it to be successful. Never stop learning and keep listening to this show!
Angela shares personal experiences and situations to demonstrate spiritual and thought provoking topics. Always interesting and insightful without fluff
Great show! I've been on my spirtual journey for years now, and I love to connect with others on the same path. THANKS!