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My name is Barry I live in the greater Grand Rapids area I absolutely love these guys Fantastic show and I love the content The show hits on everything related to casinos, Cigars and drinks (alcohol). This show is grand in every way It’s awesome that 2 guys from my area have a great show that I relate to in every single way I am huge fan Keep up the great work guys
If Reno is a dump, then Detroit is a dumpster fire! AC is worse than Reno. Listen to this podcast if you like douche bags full of crap.
These guys tell stories incredibly well. Makes you feel as though you were right there along side of them.
I have been a listener for about 4 years. I learn something in nearly every episode. I have made many cocktails based on recipes they have talked about, have bought scotch/bourbon that I've heard about on the show, and the legal segments are always fascinating. Great job! -dustinofholland
If you're interested in learning about the culture of fine spirits and cigars, this is a great place to start. Jason and Tony bring great information and present it in a very entertaining way. Cheers! - Chris Kim
Jason and Tony provide great information on cigars and spirits. Each week they educate and entertain in a light hearted way about topics that are known to wreak of pretentiousness. They navigate the show content in a professional and easy to digest manner. Keep up the great work. -Stephen from Denton