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I have actually read The Decline and Fall, but I'm still completely absorbed by Colin's extended precis of it. His style is concise and perceptive, and the easy, informal delivery is never stuffy and often genuinely funny, in a Gibbon-esque sort of way. Think Mike Duncan. The underlying subject-matter is of course vast and sprawling, but he cuts through that, seemingly effortlessly, though I suspect a lot of prep must go into it. The only problem is that the of course the Decline and Fall, though very long, is finite, so at some point this podcast must come to an end. But at time of writing Justinian is still alive, so we have something like a thousand years to go. Great!
I’ve been waiting for the next episode. I’m glad you are back!
I've listened to every YouTube video Colin's put up probably two times over, and I've always felt guilty for not subscribing to his podcast, but I've finally got to it. Anyway, excellent podcast. Really intelligent and I actually appreciate an honest review that doesn't pander to all the religious zealots out there that no doubt complain in comments. I also enjoy the detour from Gibbon with an interesting book every once in a while. Keep the videos coming!(I've subscribed to the podcast but will primarily be using YouTube to watch them)
Having read Gibbon several times I did not expect to learn much from this podcast. I could not have been more wrong. Mr Sanders provides intelligent context and incisive commentary, and is ever entertaining. Regardless of whether you're an expert on Gibbon's work, have been put off by the length, are simply interested in history, or are merely looking for a good time, this is for you. Sanders is a pro and I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. With respect to the great Mike Duncan and the inimitable Lars Brownworth, if I were forced to recommend only one podcast on the Roman Empire, this is it.
I am relistening to Gibbon and have made it a habit of listening to Colins podcast first to get a good overview and analysis and then back to the original. Colin really knows his history and his many asides are not only astute but can be very funny. I highly recommend this.
Thank you much for this podcast! I really like the way you summarize and tell the story of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Thanks so much!
This is a massive undertaking which is being very well done. History buffs everywhere should be grateful for the effort this guy is putting together in his spare time. I for one love it and will be along all the way to Constantinople. Hang in there Colin!
Thank you so much, Mr. Sanders, for a truly superb podcast. The amount of work into creating such a concise, interesting, and witty pocast must be considerable, but I dare to hope for more episodes. Meanwhile, I am listening multiple times to these episodes. I am not a historian and wouldn't have thought I would be fascinated by ancient history, but I would recommend this podcast highly to anyone with even the slightest bit of curiousity about the past.
Excellent! Well done.
I just started listening today, and I highly recommend this podcast if you listened to "The History of Rome" by Mike Duncan, or "The HIstory of Byzantium" by Robin Peirson". Colin, please don't stop. I'm with you until 1453 if you keep going.
Listening to Colin Sanders' review of Gibbon's work gives me the perspective I tend to miss while reading it. Am about 6 months into the work and perhaps half way through the pages. It took me a few hundred pages to grasp the rhythm of Gibbon's writing and am now finding that without Colin Sanders' helpful review, I often miss the forest for the trees. I very much appreciate finding this resource on iTunes. Thank you Mr. Sanders for your time and dedication and iTunes for including it in their podcast library.
Just found your podcast and I have really enjoyed it. I read the book years ago and have been on a Roman history exploration again recently. The pace is great, not too over laden with dates and places which is a plus when listening rather than looking at the written word. I am a history podcast junkie and this one has been one of my favorites. Thank you.
Terrific podcast, the Roman Imperium by-way-of cutting and illumunating British wit. Thanks from Colorado. Ed
Colin's book reviews are very good. Straight and to the point. There are no wasted words and I find his podcasts to be enjoyable and informative.
A shame that iTunes makes it a pain in the arse to even find the comments or ratings section once subscribed. I should just be able to click over and see everyone chatting away about this. Love the podcast, a shame you're having to call it.
I can hardly wait - for the next podcast. I often re-listen to them. Colin "the man" Sanders - does a great job. The man just oozes intellect - give it a try you will love it.
I started listening to this podcast about midway through the (now complete) History of Rome Podcast, and found that they went very well together. I enjoy hearing Colin Sanders's take on Gibbon, as well as the occasional other books. He has his own unique, appealing style, and that wonderful English dry wit. Sadly, it sounds like he might be ending this podcast due to lack of interest. If it does end, I will miss it, but I applaud the author for paying attention to whether or not other people are listening, and reallocating his time on that basis. I'll keep listening up until the end.
I'm fascinated by Roman history and how the Christians came to be predominant in the middle ages, yet I've never managed to get through Gibbon's Decline and Fall. Listening to History Book Review is like having an funny old friend who insightfully points out the things you might have missed. I've gotten lots out of this podcast and sincerely hope that it continues.
This podast sets a high intellectual standard. Having scoured the internet for history podcasts, it is clear to me that it belongs in the pantheon of the best. There is nothing I would change. Please keep the project going well past the extraordinary review of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. This kind of in-depth, thoughtful commentary is rare in the podcast world. Take heart, sir, you are doing a superb job!
This is a great podcast. As an American, Colin's British accent is very easy to understand. Infact, I would rate his voice as pleasant. He is very informative and sticks to a script. This keeps him from going off on a tangent and ensures the podcast is condensed. This is a good podcast to listen to during a jog as you get lost in moment as Colin describes the situation. Colin also gives some insightful opinions, but he isn't overbearing about them. At most, he usually gives a sentence or two about what he thinks someone else was thinking. I recommend trying the podcast out!
This is a tremendous series that takes an interesting, but voluminous subject written in something of an obsolete vernacular, and adeptly draws out the characters, the story arcs, their place in their time and just as often giving insight into our times. I find Colin's reviews informative, witty and highly listenable. I'm about two thirds of the way through, and I fully intend to give the entire a series another listen as soon as I'm finished. Keep up the great work Colin!!
Colin Sanders' work here easily rivals the pro stuff of The Teaching Company. One of the top 5 history podcasts, and certainly worth a listen.
I've been enjoying very much Colin Sander's exploration of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I like how he concisely covers the main points of the work but also adds some of his own quite interesting observations. He also has a very good speaking voice which makes the podcast very easy to listen to. I've enjoyed every episode and am looking forward to more!
I didn't pay attention to Roman history in school. Colin Sanders' podcast, which is tracing "Decline," is great at filling in my many blanks. Sanders has a pleasant speaking style and is to the point: both important qualities in a history podcast. I also think this podcast is a great complement to Mike Duncan's "History of Rome" podcast.
I think my title says it all.
These podcasts (so far) are more of a companion to the book than a "review" per se. That's good; a book that famous doesn't need a review. But Gibbon wasn't writing his books for twenty-first-century readers. Colin does a good job of relating what's going on in modern terms. I listen first, then I can then read the chapter without detours to Wikipedia any time I hit a spot where Gibbon didn't anticipate how we'd read things a couple of centuries later.