The Filmmaking Stuff Podcast

Reviews For The Filmmaking Stuff Podcast

Jason is a film distribution guru! He shares insider info of how to get your film out to the world and make money while doing it. Highly recommended!
How can you not like Jason. The guy will buy you a beer when you see him at the bar!
This is probably one of the most informative podcasts about filmmaking available. Real information for filmmakers so they can understand the business and industry beyond saying "action" and "cut".
If you need grounded perspectives, listen to Jason Brubaker’s insight into the indie film industry. Live the dream in reality.
The Filmmaking Stuff is a must-listen for filmmakers. Jason approaches the entertainment industry with a business approach, encouraging filmmakers to intelligently pursue their craft with realistic expectations. Filmmaking is more than just the creative side of our brains, as we know!
This is an amazing podcast. I have learned a ton. If you are a filmmaker, you need to listen to this


I’ve worked on the creative side of filmmaking for a while and recently begun learning the business. I’m fortunate to have some help from friends from work but I’m also consuming every book, website, podcast on the subject and so far this is the best by a long shot. Smart, insightful, and void of any vague drivel. This guy seems pretty genuine and perceptive. Great podcast about getting films made.
Great podcast.
If you’re an indépendent filmmaker at any stage — just starting out or you have a finished film ready for market — this podcast and the advice & encouragement given by Jason Brubaker is priceless. GREAT insider information for those who really want to put their talents into motion. This podcast will provide tools and resources to get you in the right frame of mind and point you in the direction you’re looking for — success! As a filmmaker, If you’re not listening to this podcast, you’re not trying.