Reviews For Shauncastic!

Great cast, great topic choices. It is very informitive, making the listener aware to some obsure title that may not get attention anywhere else to giving solid reviews to some of the known cultural works and the subsections in there. The one fault i would give this Podcast is the fact that episodes come out very sporatically and it could be weeks + before a new one is released. I would love a weekly fix whether it would be the main episode or the 20 minute episodes.
This podcast is a great add to the subscription pile I've accumulated. Shaun and his co-hosts are smart and genuinely interesting.
Love the podcast , great segments , love the different topics that y'all bring up during the show .
Shaun, I just wanted to show my love. Keep up the good work.
The opening is a bit of shock and awe. Rapid fire swearing to earn the explicite tag, but I'd have to say, after that, it's more that "rougher language" is used rarely. The tangents can lead to interesting discussions, but may or may not be what a listener is wanting for a topic. Still, the theme of the show is good, though it can be troublesome figuring out just what's being discussed based on the episode titles on a few shows. Overall, a very good show to listen to, especialy if you have to sit in a comic shop, demoing Vampire, while some guy wants to play his mirror sunglasses, trench coat wearing, katana weilding vampire of "I kill you now!" Also, Blue Drink is the best.
This is a great podcast, with intelligent conversations. They talk about different topics, yeah there is some geek stuff in there, but I love that they don't focus on that all the time. The group of people that Shaun has on the show are great. Being politically correct is thrown out the window, but with good intentions. Plus the podcast sounds good.


By drthmrl
I've listened to a few pod cast before but this is "awesome". You guys sound more like a upbeat radio station morning show then the typical boring podcast. Love it!
I am not a big pod cast guy, but I really like Shauncastic. It has a fun vibe and a solid cast of people. Defiantly worth a listen or few.
If you are a Geek or Nerd, you will enjoy this podcast. Talking about all the things that are on your mind.