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Great hosts, great content, great music, have I mentioned how great it is?? If you need something new in your life, check these guys out. Retrospectives, live tweeting, and Nic Cage!!!
Great podcasts make you want to be a part of the conversation -- and these guys do it. I look forward to listening each week. Keep it up, guys.
I listen to alot of horror podcasts and this one looked promising. However, it seemed like there was no editing at all, over an hour and a half of boring talk before they even talked about the featured movie. There were two long musical instrumentals stuck in there that didn't make sense and then tons of burping, chewing and swallowing during the show....gross. It is a shame because with some editing and some manners i think this could be a good hour long show. if they don't care why should I?


This is a fun podcast for horror fans! Check it out!
My coworker made me do this..... But otherwise it's a cool podcast SO to Jesse that white boy at Bookhampton
Easily my favorite podcast I've found this year. These guys know their stuff and have great senses of humor. I'm a fan of lengthy podcasts that aren't just filler and every episode has great random genre talk before the main reviews. You won't be disappointed
Kick back, grab a faygo, and enjoy the sweet sultry juggalo voices entering your ear holes......... Alright, in all seriousness, these guys are awesome. They're great people and provide great content!
The hosts are great, knowledgable, funny and always have something great to say about movies in general. Do yourself a favor and download this. If you havent already, download the retrospective series. Especially the Silent Night Deadly Night and my favorite series, the Sleepaway Camp. Download NOW!
Just started listening to this podcast and I highly recommend a download! Its the best horror based podcast on iTunes. Instantly hooked. Going through the entire back log just to catch up. Very informative however fun and yet not too geeky! I can't wait to listen to newer episodes!
Always enjoy listening to this podcast. You can tell the hosts are having fun talking about films, whether they're good or bad. If you want an informative long podcast about horror and genre movies, this may be one of the best.
I enjoy listening to this podcast. The hosts always get into fun discussions about their reviews. Its really cool that they do a couple different types of podcasts. The spoiler section at the end it really cool too.
Found The Liberal Dead's excellent Candyman retrospective on Reddit and have been listening since. A must listen for any horror fan.
This is a great horror film podcast. I am a huge horror film fan and this Podcast keeps me up to date on all of the hidden little gems out there. It's also really helpful in finding out whether or not I should go check out whatever new mainstream Hollywood scary movie is in theaters. Newspaper critics, rotten tomatoes, and IMDb just don't understand what us horror fans are looking for. But Dead Air gives you a great idea of what you should check out and what you should avoid at all costs. They have a great mix of commentators on the show. The main guy seems middle-of-the-road then they have a slice and dice mainstream fan and then they have an uptight little art house/purist. They all make great points and each brings something unique to the table, giving you the full spectrum.
EXCELLENT 'cast with excellent hosts and excellent reviews. This cast has pointed me in the direction of new horror favorites I wouldn't have found otherwise. Listen. Subscribe. Enjoy. Just do it.
This put me to sleep was not interesting or informative
These guys are awesome.
Ever wanted a podcast to thoroughly cover its subject material without pretentious snobbery? You can find that here, so make yourself comfortable on a bi-weekly occasion. No worries of boredom, misinformation or elitism to be found. Just like-minded fans with a grasp on what a listener wants. They absolutely deliver on all accounts.
The Liberal Dead John Carpenter retrospective series has been very informative and is very well put together. Just the very idea of this serious caught my eye but it really delves into Carpenters work, most importantly how a particular film attests to its place in his career. Well done!
Sometimes you need something just a little different to make the internet seem fresh and new. That's what the good folks over at Dead Air have in store for their listenership. One part novelty plus one part intelligent horror review with an exuding layer of comic appeal. These guys know their stuff. If you're looking for the new sound of horror, you've come to the right place. Make sure you pay attentention to this rabble of merry maniacs. Great guest appearances. Indy Filmmaker reviews. John Carpenter Retrospectives. The interwebs will never be the same again.