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This is a breath of fresh air! I love the 15 min or less format as the show gets right to the point. The guests are also knowledgeable and on almost each show they try to provide actions or steps you can take to address the problem being discussed. Keep up the excellent work!


By adamo14
doing the work we need
Keep up the good work. We need more shows like yours to help the general public wake up. Two years ago I was asleep behind the wheel and thought America was number one at everything now it looks like were number one at accumulating debt and making promises we can't keep.
America needs a far better conversation about money, finance, economic structures, corruption, and how those impact daily life. The guests on this series have been well-informed, and speak honestly about complicated problems in a way that the format of television simply does not permit. Special favorites: Yves Smith (NakedCapitalism) & Josh Rosner, and also Mike Konzal (Rortybomb)
I liked him on Bloomberg,I liked him on cnbc and now msnbc. Bright guy with an intelligent perspective.
Too bad it not updated more frequently.
Interesting topics that are energized by Dylan & intellectually enhanced by his guests. Dylan & his guests go in depth on the most attention grabbing topics of the day. I just wish it was longer!
Dylan consistently tells it like it is and has guests that give you the information you need to understand what is REALLY going on.
Dylan for one reason or another is not marred by the same economic hitman owners of large corporations that seem to have bought so many other commentators these days. It just seems that when a journalist, reporter or pundit joins the corporate media, their firebrand ways fade and they opt for only safe stories that won't annoy their corporate overlords. Rachel Maddow comes to mind. She has capitulated, as the HBGary emails reveal in general about vulnerable reporters, because to tell an important but possibly dangerous story could hurt her career. I don't really know how Dylan can work for NBC, which for the moment is owned by GE, one of the biggest warmongering military contractors out there, and yet still be able to tell the truth about what has happened in our economy, even if it implicates somebody like GE. Bravo, Mr. Ratigan, for having the guts to find the voices that never get to be on the main stream media, like David Cay Johnston, Episode #9, who deftly explains in your interview with him, how our tax code isn't just "trickle down," but "niagra up." So many more people ought to hear about this story and many of the others you bring to light, because only if we have an informed electorate can we at least start down the road to sanity.
I watch the Dylan Ratigan show every chance I get. I encourage everyone who wants a crusader to do the same. He's worked on Wall Street. So, he brings the knowledge and breaks it down at main street level of understanding. I applaud him for that! We need more journalist to inform the American public of what is happening in our country. Knowledge is power. Power to the American people. Wherever they may be. Go #dylancrew.
the thing that makes this podcast stand out from the crowd is the fact that it offers solutions to our nation's and world's problems, not just a laudry list of complaints. i'm looking to learn something new every day, and ratigan's guests never disappoint. if you're looking for insight beyond the narrow view of the conventional right and left, you really owe it to yourself to subscribe to this podcast.
Dylan Ratigan gives more in-depth coverage of what you see on his cable show. He is an advocate for what is and should be right in this country.
Ratigan does one thing, which is accuse the government of being corrupt. Where was he during the eight years when all the government did was lie, start wars and funnel tax dollars to rich warmongers, drug companies and hedge fund managers? Nowhere. He was pathetically inept today speaking with the "One World" project organizers, positively tongue-tied when speaking with people who actually want to bring people together and make the world a better place. His schtick is tired.
Dylan speaks truth to power, I really enjoy listening to his shows.