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I wish everyone who does MLS or soccer podcasts, or sports podcasts, or really any podcasts for that matter would listen to this podcast to see how it should be done. This pod is fun and informative without taking itself too seriously. The sound quality is professional. The host does a great job of keeping the players relaxed enough that they give answers you wouldn't hear elsewhere. This pod has helped expand my knowledge beyond my personal favorite MLS squad so that I have a better appreciation for what the rivals bring to the table. It is a great peak into the behind the scenes lives of the players.
This is easily the best MLS focused Podcast out there featuring top rate guests and interviews. If you are looking for soccer content that is a whole lot better than a couple of college kids talking about soccer between classes via a MacBook, then you have to check out PitchPass. Absolutely fantastic content with a tremendous a host. Take a listen - you will agree!
Great conversations with guys in the sport.
The Best MLS Podcast I have found. Surprisingly interesting even when the guest is not my first choice. a credit to the host's preparation. The tempo is perfect. I never fail to listen straight through. Leaves me wanting more ----regardless of the topic.
This Podcast is about as easy a listen as you'll find out there. I really like the fact that Greg Roche skips the heavy duty analysis...there are plenty of opportunities to hear that out there. He gets to know the players and other guests, gives us a snapshot of their everyday lives, and does not slip into the mind numbing "hear myself talk" baloney too often found on other podcasts.
I subscribe to several MLS podcasts and this is my favorite. Greg, when are you and Sebi going to start the capital soccer show again? DCU fans really need it, especially how this season is going so far.
I appreciate the "MLS Snob" movement. Fight fire with fire.
I think its one of the best MLS podcasts!
I started listening to this podcast after hearing about it on the Cap Soccer Show. I used to listen to Roche when I lived in DC and never realized that he was such a big soccer fan, though I now remember that he had DC United players in the studio from time to time. He seems to have a good handle on the league based on the variety of people he has interviewed to date. I would encourage all MLS and USMNT fans to give it a try.
I am an aivd soccer podcast listener (confession). But until the day i got a tweet from @PitchPass i hadn't heard of the show. The direct tweet came on #FF as i was giving follow recommendations to my followers on other great podcasts. I was asked to have a listen and give feedback. I did just that. I instantly loved the very professional nature and production of the show and the ability of the host to do a one man band without it seeming dull or boring. The host also spent great time and care with each guest and really got to know them and asked a number of great questions. It took me a couple of episodes to realize why i seem to gravitate toward the show and stay captivated for the hour. I realized the host was Greg Roche from DC 101. I lived in DC for 2 years and i always tuned into DC 101 for my commute home because i really loved the drive time DJ. Roche is honestly the best DJ i have ever heard. He is funny, personable and just plain fun to listen to. His DDTS at 5PM is a great unique thing he does on the show and i would love to crank the stereo every day at 5PM. Greg brings the same energy and charisma to PitchPass and we are lucky to have such a seasoned pro bring us great soccer talk.
One of my favorite MLS related podcasts.
I have only started listening to this pod in 2012 and all the coverage has been on MLS and USMNT but it has been awesome. First of all the podcast is really well done, the sound is great and it sounds very professional. Secondly the guy not only likes soccer but respects American soccer, which shockingly is not a characteristic of all podcasters who talk about the domestic game. The team previews have been awesome and he has done a great job getting the best journalists in each respective teams area. I hope the coverage continues.
I really like that it's mostly interviews so far, as opposed to stupid chatter between the hosts. I hate pods where the hosts - who are just fans - chat like anyone cares about their personal views. Stick to good interviews with knowledgable professionals. Well done!
I stumbled across this podcast today on twitter and very pleasently surprised. Theres a lot of mediocre US oriented soccer podcasts out there and this one is among the best quality wise I've heard. Will subscribe and give more listens.
I saw a mention of this podcast on a soccer blog, and thought I'd give it a try. I was really pleasantly surprised. I've suffered through soccer podcasts that are, quite frankly, boring as hell - <cough> ESPN Soccernet <cough> - but Pitch Pass is a very well done interview show, conducted by someone who actually knows how to get the best out of the person they are interviewing. It took me a few days to actually listen to the first one I downloaded, because again, I've heard my share of crappy soccer podcasts and didn't want to be disappointed. In particular, it's great to have a quality interview show with people involved in MLS - I think it only adds to an atmosphere of professionalism in the coverage of the league, which is something in short supply. So, in short, if you love the sport and have even a remote passing interest in MLS, download this show. It's absolutely worth it.
This may be the best MLS podcast you'll hear - Greg Roche gets the biggest names in MLS and asks great questions.
Absolutely fantastic podcast for MLS and soccer fans in general. This guy knows what he is talking about and brings out the best in his guests!