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Intro: A shadowy figure in a desk chair, in front of a bank of monitors, face unseen. He clasps his hands together solemnly. "Plato. Aristocres. Socrates... Morons." Cut to him pressing a button and the monitors turn red with skull icons. Rochelle: Full military regalia with saber, ordering an army of marching Seahawks towards battle Kevin: Prone sniper position, cut and following the spinning bullet with an engraved maple leaf Omar: Running through a jungle to dodge fire, hides behind a stone pillar and casually chucks two grenades back, big explosion Rich: In a UK-marked jet fighter, dodges a missile and pulls back to give the camera a thumbs-up Graziella: Shot of tanks being bombarded from up high, pull around to to the cockpit of a combat helicopter with her helmet marked JRR-TLKN Dave and Joel: Swivel over to them kicking out the sliding door with the Fast Karate logo and gatling guns blazing ANN: Swoop back down again to show a Jeep slow-mo ramping into the air with the cast (License plate: ANN) firing at unseen targets. The shot follows a rocket launcher forward then focuses on an evil dark castle being invaded by all sorts of soldiers from different time periods. Ending shot: The doors to the final Boss' lair full of computer banks and monitors blow open, with the trio emerging from the smoke weapons drawn. They see a deskchair facing away from them, and it slowing turns revealing Jason's face. Cut to black... "It's trivia time."
I have been listening for a long time now, and have found it to be extremely entertaining. I've listened to every episode and its one of the few podcasts I subscribe to.
I tune in every week because Ro is awesome. GO HAWKS!!
Listen to Jason Hawk as he directs the Trivia War from Ohio. Listeners submit trivia that both stumps and aggravates the trivia warriors. Listen and learn people. It's a learning massage for your brain.
I wish ATW9K would publish more... I wish for different contestants... Ro seems bored all the time, Omar is not good at trivia, and Kevin is Canadian. Seriously guys... come back to the dark side...
One would think that "trivia nerds" would be a little swifter on the uptake. The host seems to have it together, but the other three seem to be wasting oxygen. Sorry guys... I'll give it another try, but you'll have to impress.
Show was about trivia and it was fun, then it turned into a a show about the host and regular guests. Too bad, it was good while it lasted.
so i am a little behide on ur pod cast but i love you guys and i wanted to say that im on the shows that are about Ro's twilight phase... its ok every smart girl got caught up in it... i know i did and after seeing the movies and being force by my fiance (my man... not chick this is a chick writing lol) im more of a team jacob... glitter vampires arent scary lol. any who i love your podcast. i sit at work listening and laughing and ppl think im crazy but its great listening and learning what i like to call awesome info... :) keep it up please i love it!!!!
Even when they're wrong. Funny hosts and most of the friends they have as guests aren't bad and usually fit right in.
Just started listening. Very funny and fast paced. Really enjoy it guys, keep it up!
Love the show


Not always so good on their trivia accuracy


By Syrania
Love this podcast. The trivia is awesome and the hosts are hilarious. It's so entertaining and great to listen too. I look forward to it every week. Keep it up guys.
This podcast is absolutely amazing!!!! I finally have something I can use all those useless movies lines and abscure facts for!!!! I get the episodes every week and listen to them at work, helps pass the time quicker!!!! Hope you guys keep this show going for a long time!


By Andredk
I love reading trivia and listening to it, and this podcast is no exception to something I like. I had been listening to Movies You should see and you guys did a crossover episode and that's how I ended up here. The syndicated network has some good shows.
Love the show, highly recommended if you love trivia. The questions are sometimes tough, but its all in fun. Keep it up!
Fun cast and games, but they seem to be very well versed only in their respectable niches. Non-nerds beware: this is NOT a podcast for you! Sometimes I zone out as they chatter themselves into new levels of geekdom. While it's hard to play along at times, it's amusing nonetheless. Omar is funny and is right on about the host's taste in movies (surprising for a resident of cell block 6). PS: It should be IMDBingo... not IMDBBingo. Just sayin...
ATW9k (not sure they'd like the abbreviation) is a trivia show with a lot of pace and humor. In an era when TV game shows seem to dwell for hours on every question, including queries as inane as "which case to open up next" ... this show is fascinating because it doesn't drag things out. It's not that the answers don't matter; but, with no one keeping score, Jason and guests generate a lot more questions and plenty of healthy banter. Highly recommended!