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God bless you guys ✌️🤓
This is a great podcast with interesting interviews. I love the one with Darius Rucker and the conversation around Christmas. It was great fun!
If you love country music, this is a podcast for you! I loved how it almost has a radio-like feel with the callers calling in and commenting!
Although anyone in the world can listen to any genre of music, it's always cool to "discover" the fact that what we in the U.S. consider to be very "American" styles have sizable numbers of followers and even practitioners elsewehere. That is the case of Ben Sorensen's REAL Country - a showcase of country music from Down Under. Great bands and excellent songwriting from our Australian friends! Good podcast!
Was riding with a friend of mine who was listening to this podcast in her truck and even though I’m not a big country music fan this definitely caught my ear. Soon as I got home I went to iTunes to leave a review to give Ben some props while his name was fresh in my memory. Great job Ben! Going to share this with my friends who are big country music fans. Know they’ll love it!
I grew up listening to country being from Oklahoma and all. Bens show brings me back to my roots and couldn’t have asked for a better find. Great Show Ben. Keep up the good work!
The sound quality is great. The music is great. I really appreciate that the lyrics are clean. So it’s okay to have on around the family. Helped me discover Australian country music. In fact for Australian country music this has been my "Gateway podcast.” :) Thanks Ben.
I love the fact that I can get Austrailian country music wherever I am in the world. Thanks so much for sharing this, I really enjoy it!
I love the interviews and the music that is coming through this show. It sounds exactly like it would if you were listening to the radio. Keep up the professional look for the show and keep on rocking! :)
well produced
First, Ben has a great voice and enthusiastic style, second, it’s great to discover some more country music that I might not find otherwise as a casual listener
If you like great country music, you have come to the perfect place!
Great Podcast. Love how you bring fun to the Podcast. Great format, well laid out.
This show is a nice blend of lots of different kinds of country music. Sounds great, and a nice add to your podcast music list.
Country music at its finest.


Great music and great production
I have never thought about listening to country music on a podcast, but this is super unique and love it!
I am not a big country fan, but Ben has put together some good stuff on this podcast. I am slowly converting to a country liker (not lover yet)😜
It's great to hear these personal interviews with such great artists, plus I love the music tied in to the background of the show!
as a huge fan of Australian Country music, this podcast was perfect for me
Ben’s podcast is worth a listen. Incredible music, great content and inspirational. I definitely got lost in the outstanding country music from Australia.
Very well done podcast. Very professional and sounds great. I stumbled upon this podcast and to be honest I'm not a huge country music fan, but I really enjoyed a listen. It was very well produced and a fun listen. Anyone who likes country music will love this as it shares new country artists as well as old favorites.
Really unique and enjoyable thanks!


Ben strings together some great country music here. Well hosted and it sounds great!


Best country music ever