Above 180

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Nice to have people in bowling leadership under the age of 80 who understand bowling needs to be promoted. It's more than on Sunday
The number 1 podcast ever
Tim and Joey do an awesome job of providing a product for the bowling podcast industry. This show has the best content and is the most entertaining bowling podcast I have found. Levi Lucky Coaching
Great show! It would be nice if there was a live bowling Q&A once in awhile that listeners could call in to.
very informative ( i am a new bowler) ..very clear! Joey is most knowledgeable and very ez to understand. Wish u had video to show some of the hand movement. Thanks and looking forward to much more!!!!
Good guys, good information, good interviews... a must for a bowler who wants to improve
If you want info on new bowling products and info on bowling in general this is the podcast to listen to.