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They stopped updating this podcast
I moved to Florida a couple years ago. I just can’t get the news about my teams down here. This podcast let’s me keep up to date. They are usually entertaining as well as informative. I just wish they would do a better job with the sound levels. Often the interviewee volume is really soft while interviewee is high. Then commercials are even higher.
It’s nice to cut through all the other talk and have interviews all in one place but I just wish it was consistent. Bernstein and Goff interviews are usually never on here and the other shows post most but not all of their interviews here. It’d be great if it were really all interviews from all shows
The good majoirty of the time I will want to listen to a specific interview and download it, only to find out that what I downloaded doesn't have to correct person being interviewed in the podcast. I choose to subscribe only to the interviews because I do not want to search between 4 and 6 hours of content to find a specific segment that I want to listen to.
Really look forward to my regular hit of Biggsy, Florio, Pompei etc. Used to really love the '5 at 5' segment but that hasn't been uploaded since mid Feb.
Love the score
Wish they would update it daily. Seems like some days they forget to upload the days interviews.
Boers & Bernstein's horrible act being deranged Don Rickles serving limp humor grows old. Rozner and Les Grobstein actually talk sports without the seemingly endless monologues from many hosts. A few hosts take calls from callers discussing sports without being attacked. A lot of the abundance of watching paint dry can be bypassed by the great interviews, and "Who Ya Crappin" podcasts where the hosts aimless mutterings can be kept to a minimum.
Not so great hosts, but they don't detract much from the quality of the guests.
As a lifelong Chicago sports fan, these podcasts keep me up to date even though I no longer live in the area. It's great to be able to listen to the interviews when and where I want to. Steve Stone insights are the best.
Great guests
I've been a huge fan from day 1 of the station!