Real Estate Investing in the Real World

Reviews For Real Estate Investing in the Real World

The personal finance advice recording was crucial because you spoke about two books that really are vital to creating a proper business mindset.
If you want to know how real world real estate works, this podcast is for you. Simply AMAZING!
I have learned so much. I am looking forward to more. The topics discuss are important to all things Real Estate.
I highly recommend this podcast. The information I learn which I applied to my first house flip was extremely valuable.
Real estate, real estate, real estate - I LOVE IT!
You are ill prepared for real estate if you have not listened to this. Two big thumbs up.
Very addicting because it's so valuable and informative.
I gotta give this a full 5 stars. Definitely deserves it.
If you are about to enter the competitive world of real estate for the first time you HAVE to listen to this podcast.


I enjoy all the episodes but i especially like The Secret to Flipping Houses!


I would highly recommend all real estate lovers to give this a try. You will love it!!!!!!


Listened for the first 5 minutes and already I am hooked.
This podcast ROCKS! I just started out in RE, and this is perfect for me.
Fantastic information and Phil makes it entertaining and fun to listen to as well. Keep the podcasts coming!